February 1, 2007

When did you lose your Amazon Virginity?

Average Jane asks the question.......

When I looked at my history, I was a little surprised to find that it was only April 2, 1998 - the reason why I was surprised is that I specifically remember receiving packages from Amazon in a particular apartment I lived in. I will never, ever forget that giddy, heady excitement of a purchase made via the INTERNET garnered at ridiculously cheap prices. However, I moved from that apartment in 1997. That move entailed an entire job change and an email change, so that must be why the history is incomplete. ANYWAY, my Virginity Of Record was lost on N is for Noose and Frenchy's Grease Scrapbook: We'll Always be Together.

I love the irony of those purchases. I had a little "problem" with Amazon in the beginning where I could not control my insane clicking away, hence the "noose". In fact, for two years straight, I received a special coffee travel mug as a "customer appreciation" gift. I knew I was spending WAY too much if they were sending me free coffee mugs (X lost one of my precious coffee mugs and never understood why I was so furious at the time). However, I still purchase things from Amazon and use them frequently as a resource, hence the "we'll always be together".

I'll admit, I still miss the free bookmarks - don't you? I used to hoard them.


Anonymous said...

I was surprised that I could only trace my order history back to 1999. I suspect I may have had yet another account along the line that vanished in the mists of time.

ami said...

My order history only goes back to 2000 . However, I think I ordered things before that...perhaps I was using my school account at the time.

I love the Recommendations. I try to rate all of the books that I've read (even if they weren't purchased from Amazon) and I like to see what books Amazon recommends for me. A lot of them don't appeal to me, but some of them do. It's fun to browse through.

Remember when Free Super Saver Shipping on Amazon used to be quick? You could order something and it would arrive in 2-3 days. That was before the days of Amazon Prime. Now they charge you $79 a year for the priviledge of 2 day shipping. The free shipping takes weeks now.

I admit - I love Amazon despite this. I recently broke down and purchased the Prime shipping when they were running a promotion. I love reading and their prices can't be beat!

Photobug said...

I am such a laggart (is that spelled right? I'm too lazy to look it up). At any rate, I've made a grand total of one purchase on Amazon and that was THIS year. I purchased a telephoto adapter for my camera...go figure.

Dee said...

I LOVE Amazon. I did most of my Christmas shopping there this year and it made things so much easier. I can spend hours at a time there building on my wish lists!

EEK! said...

Book shopping-wise, I am pretty conflicted about Amazon because of the slow, sad death of the independent bookstore. When I order books online (so convenient!), I order from Powells.com, which also offers new and used but is operated by the big daddy of independent bookstores in Portland.

But now that Amazon sells all the stuff that other chain stores sell, I totally hit them for xmas gifts this year. Hello cheap Riedel stemware!