February 7, 2007

Seriously, is Cracker Barrel my only option?

This is one of those weeks. It's not a bad one, but it is chock full of Little Things That Must Be Done. Preferably without a toddler at my knee. But damn you! And all your Blogs That Beckon. Quit updating because I care FAR more about all those Little Things going on in your life than dealing with those in mine.

Anyway, I am on the hunt for a rocker. Not a mega-expensive, super fancy glider. A plain, basic, wooden ROCKER - a nice old-fashioned Kitty Tail Cruncher. Something that later on can lurk in my basement for decades, then be passed to my heirs so that a hundred years from now they can take it the Antiques Roadshow to witness Leslie and Leigh Keno's descendents get so excited over it they can't contain their stiffies as they try to hump it - which by then will probably be perfectly acceptable on live TV. Folks, I want THAT kind of rocker.

When I was pregnant with Arun, I had no idea I would use one - my sister hadn't, so I didn't bother buying anything. About 6 months in with Arun we realized that he would probably appreciate a little rockin'. However, as Arun would be my only "little" baby since we were going to adopt Kid #2 hahahahahahaha, I didn't really want to buy a NEW rocker. So, I found one at a garage sale and it's done quite nicely, except for the fact that it is BROKEN and on the verge of COLLAPSING. And if you read yesterday's post, you are aware that I am not going to be losing weight anytime soon, yes. We have an increasing need for another rocker. However. I've perused several furniture stores and am at a loss. Innernets, where the hell does one find a ROCKER these days?? Am I just stupid?? Wait, don't answer that one.


Photobug said...

Just a guess, Nebraska Furnitrue mart. My other suggestion would be estate sales or Ebay.

Regarding your antique's road show bit...that brings new meaning to the phrase "getting wood" Ok it was juvenile, but then if you know me you know that is how I operate :P

MLE said...

Craigslist. Do a search in the furniture forum on "rocking chair."

That is, if you have a local Craigslist. You might also try freecycle.

Rozanne said...

I'm still laughing about the title of your post!!!

Cracker Barrel may not be a bad option, actually, and you know they've got plenty of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Why not Cracker Barrel? The price is right and while you're there, you can have chicken and "dumplins" and some nice corn muffins.

Anonymous said...

I have a plain old fashioned rocker, I will find out where my Mom and Dad got it and let you know. They live in a little bitty town about an hour and I think they got it somewhere between here and there but I love it, nothing fancy.

Anonymous said...

Cagey - try Cheep Antiques downtown, or 5th street antique mall, right at 5th+ Walnut - or maybe Main, in the river market.
I have one, I would totally give it to you, but my sister-in-law has it. I'll ask her if she's still using it though, and if not I can totally get it to you!

-qir said...

Hey Cagey,

I just delurked a couple and have just spent a very pleasant hour reading up on your winter adventures. So very happy to hear the preggo thing is going well.

As to rockers, my father donated one to the Methodist Men's rummage sale, so I'd imagine that if churches in your area have those kind of events that you might get a really good deal.

Mamma Sarah said...

Not sure where on Earth you live, but if you live near the east coast you could try Amish. I have a rocker that my mother just passed down to me with my new little addition. I think everyone elses suggestions are really good though!

Anonymous said...

You may also try World Market if you are in the area. They typically have one style of rocker in stock.