February 25, 2007

What's wrong with veal? Isn't a filet mignon just giving the cow false hope anyway?

I totally neglected to include "nasty headcold" in my Litany of Woes from last week. Seriously, it was the scrumptious buttercream frosting on the shitcake that was baked in my honor. I am mostly over the cold now, but yet again, much like the last cold I just recovered from, I am now left with absolutely no accurate sense of smell. This could be considered a distinct advantage in some social circles considering the rodent carcass that is mummifying in my chimney as we speak. I have to say, this whole "decreased immunity thing" during pregnancy is kicking my ass - it makes it so much harder to get over a common cold, I can't imagine how it would be for some gals who face serious illnesses. Sure, I know my decreased immunity serves a purpose to protect NewKid, but DUDE, this is my THIRD cold this season. Normally, I get one, maybe two colds in a really bad season, but THREE? Bah.

Despite the crappy week, it actually ended quite well. On Friday, my mom came to babysit Arun so that X and I could go out for a fabulously Ridiculous meal at Cassis. We celebrated a belated Valentine's day and tacked on X's birthday to boot. I don't know what your version of "comfort food" is, but mine includes chilled foie gras with a pear confit, a veal chop with leeks and potatoes capped with a champagne mousse and a creme brulee sampler. YUM.

In a lame attempt to show my patriotism, I made an honest effort to watch the Oscars. I lasted until about 7:55pm, then gave up and got to work cleaning the house, then I tuned in again right around 10:00pm... snore..... X was on the Innernet while I was puttering around, so he kept me abreast on the happenings. I am recording it and will read the reviews tomorrow. If anything stellar happens (streaking, backflips), I'll bother watching it then so I can fast forward to the good parts. Life is too short to endure poor stand-up routines, mediocre musical numbers and overblown, overdressed egos. The best part was An Inconvenient Truth being voted in by a crowd that mostly arrived in Environment Killing Machines. As much as I don't care for watching the Oscars live, I'll definitely be gunning for the magazine racks when they release their Oscar Special Issues. I'm not the Tinman, after all.


Anonymous said...

Ha.. i attempted to live blog the oscars and by the third hour, I was doing far less updates and only doing them out of a sense of duty to finish. It was so damn boring.They really need an editor to help.

I'm pretty lame I guess, because I like all the stuff that people hated-- the intro bit with the nominees, Ellen's antics with Clint and Scorcese, the shadow people acting out movie titles, etc.

However, the speeches were overall mediocre, and far too self congratulatory.

In terms of environment,apparently the Oscars made a big effort with reusable utensils, hybrid limousines etc. Still don't know if all these hotshots gave up on their private jets though. Those really are a huge source of pollution.

A. Nonny Mouse said...

I, too, was unimpressed by the Oscars. Very welming (not over, not under, just... eh). I thought the shadow people were kind of lame. I only saw a couple of the performances, but they just struck me as lame.

You killed me with the buttercream frosted shitcake thing, Cagey. My daughter very kindly shared her cold with me (you shouldn't have. no, really you shouldn't have) and it sucks. And I'm really only in day one of the cold. God knows how long its going to last...

Anonymous said...

I liveblogged as well, and even though I'm Pacific time zone, I started to zone out towards the end. Ellen tried her best, but lord have mercy. They should NEVER start the show with all the boring awards again because it just sapped my will to live.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Md. Macaca,
I must have watched more than I thought, because I did catch several of the Shadow People, which I liked.

Hang in there with your cold - I know you're in the same boat as me. bleh.

I felt sorry for Ellen at the end. It was almost as if she knew herself how lame some of the gags were.

Leah said...

I think I am a bad female because I just don't care about the Oscars at all. My husband called them "The Chick Super Bowl," though, so that made me laugh.

meno said...

I liked the shadow people. And because of where i live, it was over by 9:30. Yay!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I'm simply fascinated by that menu. It's fantasticaly innovative and I can see why it's expensive...but I'm unsure of the tastes.

Right now my mind is obsessed with Indo-Chinese. Md's doing a running series, which is making me happy.

Christy said...

I hope you're feeling better this week. The decreased immunity thing really sucks. When I was pregnant with Porgie, I was teaching. Those damn kids got me sick every other week. It was awful.