February 2, 2007

What's your limit?

Last night, Goofy Girl and I met for a yummy dinner at Garozzo's with our kids in tow. When we made our wine choices, I snickered. As I lovingly caressed my precious, precious glass of Doctor Approved Pinot Noir, I mentally thought, "Fuck off, Meredith Viera. Babysit THIS". Then, Goofy Girl and I polished off our glasses and tore the house down. Crazy times, my friends. Cuh-razy times.

To those of you living in a cave, I am referring to the whole Today Show episode with Drinking, Drunkard Mothers. Melissa of Suburban Bliss totally took one up the ass for The Team and we owe her - a drink, perhaps? Personally, I doubt I will ever serve alcohol at our playgroup, but that's because we meet in the morning. Unless I am on a lake, at an all-day concertpalooza or in Las Vegas (or all three - Viva Lake Las Vegas!!), I usually prefer to start my boozing after lunchtime. There's a reason why naptime starts around 2pm, no?

Anyway, we are having a teeny, tiny , small SuperBowl shindig this Sunday that will include a few friends, alcohol and a smattering of children. I guess I will have to issue drink tickets to all The Vaginas to keep their consumption at a responsible level and then shuffle them off into the garage so the children don't witness the Madness. Fortunately, the Penises with their extra, Y-Chromosome Enhanced livers should help keep everything in control.


Anonymous said...

I think I can be a bad example for Arun with or without the alcohol!

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

For those of you unfamiliar with Average Jane in Real Life, she's got one wing in the fire and long ago lost her halo to gambling debts.

Anonymous said...

I totally just laughed out loud, partly because you crack me up, and partly because my husband was reading over my shoulder and now I KNOW he will spend the rest of the afternoon imagining drink tickets being issued to vaginas. THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER?

Mamma Sarah said...

Thank you for this rant. :-) I was totally laughing at the whole thing.