September 21, 2006

Can I confess?

That when I knit something, I have a hard time giving it away if it was something meant for me and similarly, I can’t keep something that was meant for someone else? It’s as if the memories and thoughts and experiences that happened while creating the piece are part of it. For example, one of my very first projects was a backpack, it wasn’t complicated, but it was a very difficult project for a beginner and very frustrating at the time. I finally finished the backpack (3.5 years later. ahem.) and was going to give it to my younger sister because she is also a knitter and will really appreciate it. However. That backpack evokes many, many memories (and tears) for me. And excitement. I was thrilled to finally be KNITTING. Something I had wanted to learn for years and had tried to teach myself without much success. So, I realized that I can’t give the backpack away. Similarly, if I knit something for someone, I can’t keep it or give it somone else. When I knit an object for someone, I think a lot about that person while doing so - it’s not purposeful, it just happens. So to NOT give the piece to that person would almost seem sacriligious.

That I totally got sucked into the Bridezilla marathon a few weeks back AND picked up quite a few episodes of Platinum Weddings as well? Very odd for someone who didn’t really care that much for planning her own wedding. I finally finished the last episode on the DVR last week, then as part of the Weaning Process let myself watch a few others that came up. I finally deleted both shows from the Recording List earlier this week. Whew! That was a close one, folks. Also, I’d like to point out that in Bridezilla, you usually sort of question why the FUCK are these people getting married as the bride is screeching for everyone to get licking on those goddamed envelopes now, now, NOW.......whereas in Platinum Weddings you find yourself sighing “Ahhh, how sweet.” as the bride presents her MOTHER with a necklace from Tiffany as a “thank you” for her over-top, overpriced wedding. The message apparently is that money WILL buy you Love and Everlasting Happiness. Bah.

That I like to listen to Dr. Laura? Yes, she is a raging homophobe and a bit (much??) of a Bitch, but her central message is right on track. Families SHOULD be first. We’d have far less problems in this country if more people would consider their CHILDREN first.

That I am glad that Arun doesn’t watch TV? Yeah, it would be convenient to sit him in front of the Boob Tube (actually, plasma. what's that? Jackass Juice?), but the fact that he only pays attention when Elmo, Big Bird, Barney (kill me NOW!), the CNN Newscrawl and Football are gracing our household with their presence means that I can hunker down with MY shows. While I somewhat pay attention to MY show, he sits in front of me, facing ME and we play with toys or read books. Or, he will be so busy pushing around cars, my shoe, zucchini that he won’t notice. Score for me, right? Bring it ON, Pretty Boy Probst.

That I am becoming more and more anti-Organized Religion? I signed up for the Catholic Church in my late 20s, well before I met X. And yes, it was convenient that we were both Catholic. But it’s not even the Catholic Church - ALL churches are starting to draw my ire. The latest? My sister’s MoPs group was going to do a little lecture on YOGA and the Baptist Church where they hold the meetings refused to let them do so. WHAT THE FUCK? If anyone could use a little stress relief, it would be the MOTHER of a PRE-SCHOOLER, don’t you think? Bonus Confession: Can I also confess that I was disappointed in my sister when she DEFENDED the church by saying that “yeah, yoga can get a little iffy with that meditation stuff.” SOB. It frightens me when I see people closing windows to their World.

That I feel guilty for the fact that we won’t be doing the CSA again. Every Wednesday when I pick up our veggies, I feel guilty. I just LOVE Rebecca and Tom, the farmers. They are SO cool. However, the CSA just doesn’t work for us right now and I don’t think we will be able to wedge it into our Financial Situation next year, anyway. To make things worse, I am beginning to suspect that Arun and I are going to appear in the Kansas City Star article coming up about the CSA. The reporter has been emailing me A LOT of questions the past few days. Furthermore, I had already noticed that the photographer seemed pretty enamoured of Arun when she was out snapping photos a few weeks back.

That I am completely and utterly flummoxed by the sizing of baby clothes? 9 month pants are too short for Arun. 12 months are the right length, but he literally CRAWLS OUT OF THEM. Or worse, only PARTIALLY crawls out of them, then pulls up, starts to walk and of course, immediately takes a Header. Why don’t they sell baby suspenders?

That I bought the TMX Elmo? Yes, recently I'd seen the Light and it was Red. Actually, it was odd how it happened. I saw it on Scamazon and pre-ordered it thinking “Oh, that’ll be a nice Christmas present for Arun.” I didn’t realize it would show up on my doorstep on TUESDAY. Of course, X and I are like “We HAVE to see what this is all about.” so we opened it. We could barely even HEAR the Little Red Fuck over Arun’s screams of delight. The toy is actually very cute, my only complaint would be that I think it was a $30 Toy, NOT a $40 Toy. I guess I paid an extra 10 bucks in the name of Pop Culture (this would be an apt time for ya’ll to refer to the Tagline for this blog. Ahem.) Bonus Confession: Can I confess that I HID the TMX Elmo when the Parents as Teachers lady came this morning because I didn't want her to think that we were Those Parents who rush out to buy their kids the newest toys, even though apparently we are Those Parents? Gulp.

That I realize NOW that I was starting to get a little depressed because of the Nap Situation? Now that I am waving Bye-Bye to the Morning Nap in the rear view mirror, I can see that. I was starting to feel very restless and agitated that I never had a Moment’s Peace. 2-3 naps per day at 45 minutes a pop wasn’t cutting it, folks. We have a nice schedule now and my Mental Health is better for it. I get a few hours in the morning BEFORE he wakes up. I get a few hours after lunch during the Afternoon Nap (Hi, Afternoon Nap! Nice to meet ya! WELCOME TO MY HOME! Get comfortable. Stay awhile. Mi casa es su casa, Amigo Mejor.) and then....DRUMROLL....... I put Arun in his crib at 8:00pm ish and he sleeps there for several hours. I think I just fell in Love all over again. Sweet Surrender!

Funky Monkey, No Longer Chunky

He was able to also wear this outfit LAST SPRING.

Escape Artist

New fashion trend, no?


Monkey McWearingChaps said...


I will appropriately respond to your email today or tomorrow. I got dumped with a stack of grants and my clients are all np's and I feel super-guilty about slacking off at work and I'm tired and stressed when I come home. Did anyone tell me I'd spend all day fighting when I decided to become a lawyer? I'd tell them all to go to hell but I have a soft heart. Talk about not putting family clients make me cry.

Anonymous said...

I think I've mentioned them before, but we used BabyLegs,, all last winter to cover that gap between the bottom of N's pants and his socks that happens because of weird sizing or just holding the baby so his pant legs ride up. They're basically thinner legwarmers for babies.

I hear you on the CSA. We love ours, but have a hard time getting through all the veggies in a week. We're thinking of getting a chest freezer for Xmas, though, and maybe if we have more room to freeze it will make sense? I don't know, we're still on the fence.

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in doing CSA next year in your place. (And thanks again for letting me have your share a couple of times this year!) Can you remind me and get me the information again when it's time to sign up?

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Whatever. Excuses, excuses. :-)

Hmm, I DO remember you talking about those. I could totally knit a pair up in a snap, so I need to look up a pattern. Great idea - thanks!

Learning how to knit in a class did the trick for me. Good luck! Also, I LOVE your husband's name!

I'd recommend getting on the waiting list for a CSA now. We couldn't get in the first year - they are pretty popular.

Jenn said...

OMG I totally looked up buying the elmo yesterday. *cringe*

And I'm right there with ya on the religion thing.

OH and Allie is perfect height for 12 months, but sometimes they are too small, but then 18 months is also too big most of the time, and the only clothes that fit her are like shorts......and ummm it's cold!

Kelly said...

We have that same monkey outfit. I tried to tell my mother that Mr. Cheeks wouldn't be able to wear long sleeves at 3-6 months. She didn't believe me. All we have worn is the matching monkey bib. I really wanted to put him in it this morning, but I think he is just too big. And hot natured. The little printed pants and monkey socks make my heart do a little jump with their cuteness.

Anonymous said...

Man, I am late to the party but I have to say that your bathroom floor is unbelievably CLEAN! You must mop all the time when not blogging.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Yeah, I still feel bad about buying Elmo, but on the other hand, he DOES like it. It was also worth the expression on his face when he realized that not only does HE and his Curious George book get tickled, but ELMO gets tickled, too! A big lightbulb popped on and the expression was priceless..... er... $40 worth. Anyway, I've put it away now because technically it is his Christmas present or maybe his birthday, I guess.

Mrs. CPA,
While I am starting to get a little stressed about Arun's lack of weight, the Cheapskate in me was thrilled that he could wear the outfit again.

Guilty Gulp. You've sorta outed me because I not sure how to respond other than by telling the truth. We have a cleaning service, still. We were going to cut it off when I started staying home full-time but.....Guilty Gulp. This is what happens when your husband travels a lot and feels TERRIBLE for leaving you alone with a baby starting when said baby was only 8 days old. Guilty Gulp.

Anonymous said...

Cagey - dude, you totally should've taken the credit for the floor. I'd have your back.

The Baptists wouldn't let them stretch? WTF?

Sorry I haven't been around much this week - buried under a Friday deadline. Will call soon to update you on the end of the blog story.