September 28, 2006

What's your Poison of choice?

I've been Cranky this week and I suspect it is due to Los Hormones. It pisses me off because this has actually been a nice week except for the low-hanging Cloud of Funk. I mean logically I know everything is Hunky Dory. Try telling that to my Mood. Also, I never understood the PMS/Chocolate connection. I like to eat chocolate when I am happy. When I am sad? Bring on the Carbs! Fried? EVEN BETTER. So, yesterday, I chowed down on a cheeseburger/potatoes extravaganza at Red Robin with my friend A and her neighbor M. Then, later for dinner, I chowed down on super yummy Mexican food with Bethiclaus. I was sick to my stomach by the time I got home from all that food. Literally. The "hanging over the toilet" kind. I am not a health nut by any means, but even that day of greasy carbs was too much for my system. Bleh..

To add to all this Crankiness, I am still a little bummed that I couldn't invite all MY friends to Arun's little Halloween shindig. Yeah, maybe I am overthinking this, but I had really hope to get a bigger space so that I wouldn't have to leave anyone out. I HATE leaving people out so I will try to do a better job of planning next year. I mean, I did try - I have been calling for a space for several weeks now, but the guy never called back and NOW, it's too late. Bah. Or Boo. Whatever.

So, we went to the gym this morning and it went pretty well. I got through some weights and some cardio before I went to get Arun who, as usual, was crying. But at least it wasn't so bad that they had to come and get me, per usual. And yeah, I felt better, so SEE? I AM trying. Feel sorry for me now? No? What if I told you that I totally boo-hoo'd my way through Terri Irwin's interview with Barbra Walters last night? And I didn't even really LIKE the Crocodile Hunter. Feel sorry for me NOW? No?

Anyway, enough Moping........Here's your public service announcement for the week: Ugly Betty is airing AGAIN on Saturday, at 11:00am on the Soap Network. If your DVR, like mine, has been smoking in the firestorm that is currently Thursday's Trifecta of Inconvenient TV Programming, you know that Survivor vs. The Office/My Name is Earl vs. Ugly Betty was getting seriously Out Of Control. Thanks goes to Throwing Things for pointing this out. This is probably a good time to point out that Throwing Things, hands down, has some of the best commentary going each morning after the episodes of Survivor and The Amazing Race air.

Shaggy Do

The Heir and his Hair. We are going to Lawrence today for a haircut. Will update later with the new coiffure.


Haircut #7 - Prince of Wails

Don't mock. I know another Prince who has big ears. Ahem.

What's the big idea?

We were having issues getting the Heir to sit still so we could get a photographic gander at the Hair. My mom had a "great" idea that she would cover herself with a sheet as a backdrop and would hold Arun simultaneously. As you can see, it wasn't quite the snap she expected, but I was more than happy with the results. It was hard to hold the camara straight because I was laughing so hard.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

But don't you want an emo baby???

*sigh* He is so ridiculously pretty and to ME he looks like a boy but I can see why you'd want to cut it.

I really like that colour. Are you keeping his costume a secret until which time you can reveal it with lots and lots of photos?

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Actually, the Hair was really starting to PISS ME OFF. Even if I washed it from scratch it still would not STYLE. All to save a total of FOUR bucks, Stupid Me. So, from now on, we are only going to the Barber of Lawrence - he's a very cool dude and as a special bonus has really awesome tats! Like, of SPIDERS and weird hieroglyphics shit. And they are all over his arms and neck! I can't WAIT until Arun can talk and ask Inappropriate Questions. Squee!

Anonymous said...

OMG - that last picture is classic. I cannot quit laughing because at first I thought you were going to say you were dressing up as a ghost but the truth is even better!

I have been crabby the past couple of days as well - It think it is the unpredictable weather AND my hormones!

FFF said...

The haircut is adorable, and the ears are precious too. I love my litte guy's big ears! $4 for a haircut that is done so well is a great find--next time you will have to take a pic with the cool tatooed barber! We have gone to Cool Cuts for Kids whose stylists know how to deal with kids that throw fits while getting their hair cut. But it means we spend $16 plus tip each time. If only he wouldn't wail and squirm, I would just take him to a regular barber. Feel better, Cagey, it's Friday!

Modern Day Hermit said...

Wow, that is a great color for him, the haircut is A+ as well.

Thank goodness for Friday, that's for damn sure. Hope your weekend looks up!

DeAnn said...

So, you loved Ugly Betty as much as I did? I can't believe how many times it's airing. They're really trying to get people to watch, aren't they?!

I know it worked, because it's the biggest hit so far this season (of the new shows, of course).

Rozanne said...

Hilarious pic with your mom under the sheet. I guess we all know what she's going to be for Halloween.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Honestly? I haven't even FINISHED the episode yet and already know that Betty is gettin' a promotion on my DVR. Survivor? I hardly knew ye.

I will be sure to pass along the costume idea to her! :-)

CPA Mom said...

Love the pictures!!

And the interview with Terri Irwin? I cried and cried and cried. I never in a million years had her kind of poise and grace when my husband died. Wow.