September 13, 2006

Who could ask for anything more?

Internet, I have an announcement. The end of Crap Snaps is coming soon to a blog near you. Since the Tivo Series 3 is being released at the Ridiculous price of $799 (not including subscription fees. OUCH), we are going to wait until January or so, when the prices get more reasonable. Therefore, I took our Gadget Budget and purchased a new digital camara today. I want to EAT this camara, it's so delicious - it's a cute little Canon Powershot SD550 and I am in love. Smooch, smooch. All this time, I thought it was MY fault my Snaps were Crap. Last night, my mom brought her new camara, also a Canon Powershot, and I realized that it was NOT me, it was the camara. I am ever so weary of my kid appearing as if he was sired by Nearly Headless Nick. Hopefully, this camara will take care of that. The battery is charging as we speak.....

Anyway, the weekend recap. Again, nothing super special but it was a nice one.

Friday: Arun capped off a week's worth of napping in the crib by actually going to bed in the crib at 8:00 pm sharp. I spend a delicious evening putzing around the house, reading, knitting, surfing, watching TV. Bliss! I realize now that I was starting to go a little insane with the incremental napping of yore. 45 minute naps just weren't cutting it and I was even beginning to get a little depressed because of things that were piling up around the house. In the past week, I have gotten SO MUCH DONE.

Saturday Morning: Arun and I woke up bright and early to meet my dad at Great Aunt P's house so that we could walk to the parade in downtown Olathe. It is so nice to just have my dad to myself - I don't often get to spend time with ONLY him and the parade has become "our time". It also served to show me just how alike we are in personality because we are particular in where we sit (the corner of Park and Chestnut, right where the parade turns), what we get to eat (Grange Pup, onion blossom, and cinnamon covered pecans) and the timing of it all (arrive at 9:30 and under no circumstances can we leave before the parade ends. No matter how boring. Rules are rules.). In short, it's nice to spend a morning with someone equally anal retentive. To boot, I got my cynical sense of humor from him so we spend the parade making fun of various floats and in particular, the announcer. It's the same gal every year and dear God, she puts the "cheese" in "cheese". Bleh. After the parade, we happily snarfed down our grange pups, onion blossom and pecans. And of course, this year was special because Arun had his first taste of the hallowed grange pup. After we ate, we meandered through the car show before heading out. It was so special to share this day with Arun, the 6th generation of our family to attend Old Settler's. Someday, I hope it comes to mean as much to him as it does to my dad and I.

Saturday Evening: X had come back from Virginia earlier in the day, so we decided to do something nice in the evening. We ended up eating at Lillies on 17th in Kansas City and it turned out to be a delightful meal. Since the weather was cool, we ate on the outside patio and set Arun up in his booster highchair. He sat there the ENTIRE meal, just eating his crackers and whatever food we flung his way (avocado creme toasts, grilled potatoes with garlic aioli, and olive tapenade). After dinner, we drove by the park and hung out there for awhile, swinging Arun, keeping an eye out for airplanes and catching up on our respective weeks. The weather was beautiful and the breeze was refreshing.

Sunday: FOOTBALL. I am not a big football fan, actually. BUT, in my single days, I remember thinking how nice it would be to have a family and stay home on Sundays snuggled up on the couch watching football. So, that's what we did on Sunday. I finished up a knitting project, X watched some games, and Arun happily played with his bazillion toys.

So, all in all, this weekend was certainly one of Life's Sweet Moments and I want to always remember it.

The best part? He actually has a RED NECK. Bonus? Look closely for the smudges of mustard lending a realistic touch.

Look closely at these outfits - because of the stupid camara, I didn't get the snap in time to show the bandeau top, slip of a skirt and the bared bellybuttons. All that was missing was the glitter and a pole. DAMN, ya'll. Girls these days just don't have a CHANCE. The parade always reminds of this stark fact as I see girl after girl AFTER GIRL march by in Hoochie Mama outfits that look good on NO ONE with hips, boobs or even a remote glimmer of a FIGURE.

This was the BEST float in the parade. It was very cool to see them slowly "float" by.

New!Snaps! From the New!Camara!

Last night, even with my mom's camara, he started doing this cheesy grinning every time he noticed the red eye flash. And he is STILL doing it. EVERY TIME.

Okay, perhaps not THIS time:

This is the Shirt of Impending Doom. Notice the lurking volcano, upper left. Then the hapless village, lower right. Question for ya'll. Why the HELL is the jeep heading BACK to the volcano? Talk amongst yourselves.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

The chick on the far far left has a bit of asscheek hanging out.

You know Hollywood producers told Aish Rai to lose weight if she wanted to be in American movies??? I'm laughing because she is the thinnest actress in Bollywood AFAIK and she's still too obese for America.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic weekend you had and even more fun that you got to share something so special to you with Arun. We are thinking of taking the girls to the county fair I used to go to every summer, next year - wow did that even make any sense??? It has probably changed a lot but it was always my favorite time of the year!

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Good call on the Ass Cheek! Aishwarya was consider too fat for American Standards? Good grief - I know what you mean. She's a RAIL.

Yes, Sugar and Nitrates should be a part of every kid's memories. Fair Food ROCKS. And yes, your sentence made sense. :-)

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

And Grease. Good lord, how could I forget the GREASE that completes the glorious trifecta that is Fair Food??

Rozanne said...

Three questions:

Is that your dad with the red neck and the mustard blotches?
Is he eating a grange pup?
Is a grange pup the same thing as a corn dog?

That shirt is freaky (but I kind of like it).

Those are the cutest pix of Arun yet!

Cheryl said...

What's a grange pup? And you're missing funnel cakes. Gotta have a funnel cake. Or heart attack on a plate as my sister likes to call them.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Yes. The batter is different though and is apparently TOP SECRET. :-)

Ah YES. The funnel cake. My bad!

Diana said...

My, those girls are thin! We seem to be a nation of weight dichotomy. Congratulations on the new snap-taker!

Anonymous said...

I love the Shirt of Impending Doom. The Jeep looks empty, so I'm guessing that the drivers saw the volcano erupting as they were heading up the mountainside, bailed out when ash (not pictured) began raining down on them, and ran to warn the village.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I love the mugging for camera! Kid has a sense of humour before he hits a year old.

MLE said...

Perhaps the Sacrificial Virgin was late and so they're hauling her up to the Volcano of Impending Eruption in a jeep so she can jump in and save the village.

Jenn said...

No wonder he's crying, poor thing is scared by his own shirt!!

Love the new camera shots, and the cheesy, but oh so cute, grin!!