September 25, 2006

Puts new meaning to X marks the Spot, eh?

There has been a lot of Negativity going around lately and frankly, it has dragged me down. The World, Blogosphere, and damn, even the books I have been reading (My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Piccoult, Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer, and an anthology called the Mommy Wars). After this spate of reading, I will need some sort of chick lit, straight up. With an olive.

Today was a nice day - if I can avoid the World and sorry, even Blogs, life is pretty damned good when viewed through the hazel-ish eyes of an 11 month old. We went to the library for Rhyme Time at 10:15am. I arrived 30 minutes early to do some research on something, but the library didn't open until 10am. So, I was there at 9:45am and I swear on the Heir and his Hair, Mommies with Progeny in tow were WAITING IN LINE for the doors to open. Good God. Anyway, we did get in and it was worth it. Arun LOVED all the other kids, the rhyming crapola and even the librarian lady doing it. He crawled right up to her and watched, mesmerized. So, I will probably fight the Masses next week. Although, they do offer an 11am session as well, so I don't see myself lining up at the door. After the library, we went home and played for awhile, the newest thing is his shapes puzzle. Sometimes, I feel really clueless as a mother. I didn't know he was ready for puzzles now, I just happened to get it out to make room for something else and he started playing with it. It makes me wonder what else I am missing. sigh. After Afternoon Nap (actually, these days it is THE Nap), we went to visit Great-Aunt P, which he always enjoys. Great-Aunt P has lots of fun toys - oxygen tank, walker, wheelchair, LL Bean catalogs, actual NEWSPAPERS (remember those, folks?). Then, we went to Target, then we went to the Park, then we came home and played some more. The End. A nice day, overall. I will say one thing - there has been much Toy Hate going on lately - like people posting about Hating Toys THIS or Hating Toys THAT. As a SAHM, I am dependent on the toys. Does Arun have too many? Yeah, probably. I have many, many kind friends who have lent me toys and I probably should give them back or store them away. BUT, he doesn't really watch TV, other than 5 minutes of Sesame Street if Elmo or Big Bird happen to have some screen time. The boy must be entertained someWAY, right? So what's wrong with toys? As today suggested, we do get out and about - plenty. And he plays with all the Basics - Blocks, Balls, and Books. But it still leaves a good 6 hours daily that we are home and Arun needs something to play with. End of Rant.

Anyway, Crazy Aunt Purl has asked people to email her their "knitting spots". I have been knitting a storm lately - still working on Arun's baby blanket. ahem Also, a hat for him that is actually halfway finished. I finished seaming my backpack and lo! I have seamed an entire ARM on The Sweater. No lie! I have Witnesses. Yeah, I knit the Sweater Pieces over a YEAR ago. Shut up. I was pregnant, fighting carpal tunnel AND couldn't wear a sweater last winter while breastefeeding anyway. Those are my excuses and I am sticking to them. So, here is my Knitting Spot. Puts new meaning to Happy Hour.

Although, an olive would still be nice.

I love sitting here, working on a piece, maybe watching TV or discussing things with X. I also like READING here, so this chair serves double duty.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I don't think you should feel guilty-each generation has more than the one that preceded it, no?

I think he's a little too young to wrap his mind around trying to manipulate you for a toy.

I didn't get toys because we didn't have money left over for toys back then. But hey, I got a few. That's more than my parents got. They also gave me the greatest toy of all, diplomas! Each generation is supposed to be better off than the one that preceded it and one day you are going to have to face that you and X will be able to give A an incredible education. Not everyone in this country gets that-does it mean you shouldn't go ahead and do it? Believe me, when he is 18 you are going to have to listen to endless people claim kids who get their education paid for have no character, are babies blahblahblah. I know because I get this shit to this day! Trust me, when I hear someone paid for their own education I am like "wow" and impressed, but the aspersions cast on people who ride the parental dole till they hit their career are...many and varied. I can't see you and X not giving Arun the chance to attend a Super Nice School because people talk. People always talk. That's what makes them people.

I think there's a difference between giving a 16 year old a porsche and buying a barely 1 year old kid something that makes his squeal with joy and giving your child the (very expensive) gift of education. You have way too much sense to cross the boundary from loving and wanting to provide to actively raising a Gimme Asshole who will be ungrateful.

So just tune it out. 1/2 the pictures are of him playing with hangers!!!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Btw, if you want some brain candy (that's actually pretty good), I strongly suggest Libba Bray's 2 books. They are YA but totally totally awesome. And I know you are going to fall in love with Kartik the same way I did.

Have you ever read any Gerald Durrell? My Family and Other Animals is my FAVOURITE pick-me up book. My sister and I read it so many times it fell apart.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

And Cold Comfort Farm. Trust me on that one. Then watch the move with Kate Beckinsale.

Anonymous said...

my kid has a cardboard box and he likes it dammit. Toys are for lazy moms..give them the cardboard box. and maybe a spoon. Yeah a spoon seeeeee and that way he can learn new ways to torture the baby with it. And when that gets boring I'll put him outside where he can watch the grass grow...nature and all.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

You are right - someone always has something to say. I had plenty of toys growing up, but my grandmother was the one showering my sister and I. It's a bit of a different message, then. And cars? I like to joke (sorta) that Arun will be driving a 2006 Acura to high school. Considering we are still driving our 95 Honda, that isn't an exaggeration. Okay, maybe it is, but for sure, Arun won't be driving a new car to high school. Especially considering I got a brand new car for the first time in my life just last december. ahem. Also, thanks for the heads up on authors.

I don’t think toys are for lazy moms. At least in my case, I am usually on the floor playing with him,too. I only WISH I could chuck a couple of toys his way and continue on my merry way! ha! I will admit that part of the toy problem is ME, especially the Gadget Geek in me that loves anything with a battery and a moving part. My kid plays with lots of different things, including his toys. And we do go outside in our yard EVERY DAY and to the park nearly every day. But yeah, a basketful of hangers and tupperware and vegetables and my SHOES (WTF?) and various old containers from applesauce and yogurt provide lots of entertainment, too. Just because a kid has a lot of toys doesn't mean that he is only playing with those all day. It's a mere fraction of the entertainment.

I'd also like to point out the obvious where just because a kid has a lot of toys doesn't mean he will be an asshole. Unfortunately, I know a few kids who are incorrigible BRATS and it has nothing to do with the status of their Toy Box. It's because their parents let them get away with murder and are too permissive.

My comments about the toys was more just about how there has been a lot of negativity and spitting on the blogosphere lately. Toys were just one aspect.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Oh, oh one more thing Brit, I forgot to point out your incredibly cool sand box. That is actually a great example! I have been thinking of buying a water table for Arun, but instead will do two plastic bins like your example. However, regardless if I had bought the water table, wouldn't the result be the same? With really no perceivable difference to Arun?

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

I think the whole toy thing goes deeper than just money. I know mothers who have the money, but are still anti-toy. Yes, even though, I had lots of toys growing up, I remember reading a lot, riding my bike and running around in our woods (I had my special places and trees out there).

My husband grew up with few toys (and no TV, telephone, or refrigerator) so yes, he is firmly in the camp of "wanting more for his son", but he laughs at all the silly toys. He just wants his son to kick ass in school. So, Arun may have nice toys, but it's not like he's going to get away with much having a father who is completely self-made.