September 12, 2006

Ain't Life Grand?

I ended up not having any time last night to do much other than cook dinner, walk to the park and then hang out with Arun and X watching football. And I am not complaining One Single Bit. However, I didn't get my weekend post written yet and I really do want to write it - for myself. Because five years from now? I want to remember last weekend. Nah, nothing overly exciting, but it was a nice one. I found it interesting that someone commented that Chookooloonks tends to write only positive stuff and because of that, she couldn't relate to her as much. It's precisely because of Chookooloonks' sunny attitude that I look forward to reading her blog. The pictures she snaps are just icing on the cake. Check her out - The Blog That's Always Smiling. It's not a bad thing, folks.

So, yesterday while I was in the grocery store excitedly picking out a pie pumpkin for some pumpkin erisheri (recipe here), I had to wonder what Arun's Food Memories of fall will be when HE is a grown up. Mine are definitely pumpkins, caramel apples and apple cider. While I am sure those will be part of Arun's, I wonder if someday when he is an adult, he will also think of erisheri and a nice fish with red sauce made from fresh marlin (it's in season now)? I was SO eager about the marlin that I started pestering the fish dude at our grocery store about 3 weeks ago for it.

Also, I did start reading Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith by Jon Krakauer. Whew. It's depressing, but very interesting. Actually, fascinating (one example? I can appreciate how Elizabeth Smart easily fell under the spell of the people who kidnapped her. It makes perfect sense now). I don't think I will regret slogging through all of the sadness and somewhat dry history. Since I do have some Mormons in my family, I do have some sort of perspective, at least. Also, I think it will be a great book club selection because there is much to discuss about faith, and freedom of religion. I may write more about it when I actually done with the book. Oh, and I finished The Other Woman by Jane Green. It was a good little piece of Brain Candy. Short story? The protaganist in the book has an out of control mother-n-law. The book quickly turned soap opera-esque, but it was fun to read nonetheless. Again, nothing nutritious, but it was entertaining and fulfilled my requirement of being a Quick n' Dirty.

Oddest thing to happen this week? At Costco someone actually said that Arun looks like Suri Cruise. I resisted the temptation to point out that my kid was conceived with good, old-fashioned sex and alcohol, but seriously WTF? He doesn't look like Suri Cruise. sigh

Anyway, we had a lovely evening and here is some Snappage............

Actually, what's great about this picture is what's NOT THERE. I was attempting to get a snap of Arun standing, with a big grin while proudly brandishing a block in each fist. Apparently, there IS a reason why I majored in Accounting. Ahem.

He has been doing the knee stand for quite awhile now and it is adorable when he gets excited and starts bouncing up and down. Also, notice all the Craptastic Plastic in the background. The only good thing is that most of it was BORROWED or purchased from a garage sale for all of 5 bucks.

Tonight, whenever the red eye flash came on he would start acting silly like this if he noticed it in time. It actually made taking pictures MORE difficult! Most of the shots last night came out looking like Nearly Headless Nick and I had been gettin' it on and this was the Result.

He became obsessed with this game I've been teaching him where he puts his blocks into the plastic bottle. Watching his little eyebrows furrow in concentration was just as entertaining FOR ME. I am hoping to parlay this new skill into putting actual toys away, too. Ha.

When he sits like this while playing, I can see my Baby is becoming a Boy. I know I am supposed to be all sad and weepy over this, but frankly? I am enjoying this too much for tears and furthermore, am way too excited about his future to have regrets for his moving on. Such is life, eh?


Diana said...

I think I should real the Krakauer book. Sounds disturbing, but the subject does hold some fascination, probably because, for me, it's just so different from how I think. I read his "Into Thin Air" a few years ago. I'd definitely recommend it.

Anonymous said...

In defense of the person who said that Arun looked like Suri Cruise, I was reading some of the Suri photo gossip and someone had said Suri couldn't possibly be as young as reported because she had so much hair. As soon as I read that I thought, "That person has obviously never seen a photo of Arun." :)

Jenn said...

Suri Cruise?!?!?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!? WTF? I still think he looks like Allie.....Or maybe it's just the facial expressions!

I'm trying to teach her how to put stuff IN instead of taking stuff OUT as well, also preparing for the putting stuff away faze. CAN'T WAIT for the putting stuff away faze!!!

Anonymous said...

I really liked Under the Banner of Heaven, although if I were a Mormon, I would be pissed. I like the line (somewhere) that Mormons are really nice people, and wouldn't it be great if there were Mormons without the LDS? I feel that way about Christianity sometimes...sometimes organized religion tends to attract good people who don't always agree with the humans running the church so much as the deity for which it was founded.

Anonymous said...

I think it must be the hair, because people have been telling me that Alliclaus looks like Suri, too. Although that I guess I can see a bit. Unfortunately.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

I don't know why a Mormon would be pissed about the book - besides being educational and clearing up misconceptions, I think Krakauer has done an excellent job of differentiating between the "regular" Mormons and the fundamentalists.

Anonymous said...

I tried reading that Krakauer book and never got through it, I think mostly because of how disturbed I was by some of it. I should give it another try though, guess it will have to go on the pregnancy reading list!

p.s. thanks for de-lurking on my blog! I love the pictures of Arun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out -- and your little boy is positively beautiful!


MLE said...

I posted a baby picture of myself on my blog last week because I came out with at least the same amount of hair, if not more, as SC. To be fair, Suri is definitely not 3 months old in those VF pictures, and also, your son is far, far more attractive than baby "Cruise." I love the furrowed brow picture.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I think his disastrous haircut is already starting to self-correct. Good job, Arun!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Thoren sounds a lot like something we make (not surprising considering X is from 1 state down below). But we also make a really simple cold dish with fresh veggies and yoghurt that basically involves infusing the oil+spices of podni in yoghurt and then adding the beets, spinach, water. You need a special dried chile for it though (we call it takatchi mirsang).

I've noticed Keralite and Konkani cooking is very very similar (most of the other Indian kids at law school were Keralite) except Maharashtrian & Konkani food has overtones of North Indian cuisine as well (for obvious reasons).