April 15, 2005

Why sweetbread? Why? WHY?

Mother of an Overload: I had dinner with my mom the other night at Pachamama’s. The meal was fabulous despite being tricked by the waitress into trying a sweetbread appetizer that we received for free. I can’t think of a more misleading food name. Feel free to apprise me of any food name more deceiving should you think of one. Rocky Mountain oysters don’t count as they already sound disgusting. Anyway, back to my mom - I love her, really I do, but her Pollyanna, rose-colored view of the world drives me nutso. I am a realist (or cynic, to the likes of my Mom) and don’t believe that everything will “just work out”. I firmly believe that often you can take actions to help/change a situation. Again, we had a great dinner but I get to see her on Saturday as well. This is A LOT of Mom in a short amount of time! Saturday, she is coming to help me figure out what half the crep in my yard is. We are going to separate the enemies from allies, plant some bushes, trim some trees and resist, RESIST the urge to pull out the nasty evergreens planted in the front yard. She may be a Pollyanna about most things, but damn straight – she means business when it comes to gardening. My mom owns a chainsaw. She’ll go all Jason over those evergreens if given half the chance.

More Irritating Work Stories: Apparently, sitting in near proximity to the copy machine has bestowed upon us in the Information Security department super-duper Copy Machine Powers. We are now being frequently called upon to help those in Paperjam Crisis.

Fashion Tragedy: I am wearing Favorite Skirt. This skirt has traveled with me all over the USA the past 4 years and has been a faithful friend. It never needs ironing, goes great with sandals and equally well with boots. Sadly, my days with Favorite Skirt are numbered. In fact, my relationship with most of my clothes right now is on the wane. I am in that Awkward Phase of pregnancy fashion. Not quite there for maternity wear, not quite there for simply bigger clothes because of my weirdo body shape - the great irony is that I am having a Skinny Day today and my rings are LOOSE AS HELL right now. Oh, how I loathe clothes shopping and am not fond of the mall. And did I mention that not only am I attending a wedding in June, but that I am also a BRIDESMAID in a wedding in May? This Fashion Tragedy may very well reach Grecian proportions.

DNA Project Status Report: In the county I live in, the Parents as Teachers group is a popular thing for babies. So hot, there is at least a 6 month waiting period to get into the program. My sister recommended that I get on the list NOW. I thought it was silly, but decided to call anyway. As it turns out, my little sister was accurate. I was correct in registering my FETUS so that by the time I have an actual BABY, we can start getting our visits. Okay – so it is good stuff, but it was a tad disconcerting to be registering someone who is only the size of half a banana, after all.

Wow. The kid is on his/her FIRST waiting list. They grow so fast. It seems just yesterday the little tyke was just a blastocyte. Sniff.

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