April 7, 2005

How am I?

Well, things are getting better. The Helmut of Piercing Agony has been reduced to a Beanie Cap of Dull Pain. I came to work today and unlike yesterday where I ran home after only 2 hours, so far, I have made it most of the day. Besides lying around the couch reading magazines*, not much has been going on that is worth blogging about. Well, except my eating habits. You know you want to know, right?

The Freeloader (aka the Traitor) likes beef. I have eaten more beef in the past 2 months than in the past 2 years – this is not an exaggeration in the name of blogging entertainment, either. Until last week, I could not stomach the sight or smell of anything chicken or fish related. To make things WORSE, the Freeloader really liked beef tacos. I have eaten more Meals of Shame from Taco Bell** in the past 2 months than in the past 9 years since I finished grad school (in fact, I had to check out the Bell’s website in desperation to locate one near to me). It’s eerie to drive through Taco Bell BEFORE the bars have closed, pay with a $20 bill (instead of spare change scraped from my floor mats), then drive to my HOUSE and eat the damn food without a Budlight chaser. I guess I’m all grown-up now. Fortunately, migraines aside, I am starting to feel better now so I am slowly incorporating chicken and fish back into my diet. I can’t wait to start the gym routine and get my poor arteries back in shape, too!***

For the most part, this blog will not become all about the Freeloader. As you can tell by my blogroll, I love Mommy Blogs myself, but I am not certain I would want to maintain one myself. I will definitely include the kid, because, well, how could I not include something that occupies a good percentage of my newfound dreams and fresh paranoias? At a minimum, I can promise that in deference to my male audience, I will keep out any gross particulars. X doesn’t want to hear them (although he has no choice) and I am guessing you wouldn’t want to either.

*For whatever reason, watching TV is not appealing for the migraine and I don’t have the patience to endure a book. So, National Geographic and US Weekly it is!

**The bad thing about having read the book Fast Food Nation or having watched the movie Super Size Me is all the visuals you retain.

***Contrary to belief, I don’t go to the gym to lose weight. It kills me how many people have said “why bother?” when I express interest in getting back to the gym. Huh? Maybe because it FEELS GOOD? Does anyone seriously think that a pregnant gal thinks she is going to LOSE WEIGHT while pregnant? I admit I have had my delusional moments in the past but those were in college and involved beer and mild illicit drugs grown in someone’s closet (Don’t judge. I was an Accounting major, after all. SOMETHING had to staunch the pain). Again, I’m all grown up now. At least, I think so.

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