April 8, 2005

Who is Rachel Saunders?

You would think in my life that I have had at least one celebrity encounter. My grandfather was in the television and film industry throughout my childhood - I have been to LA and Vegas frequently over the years visiting him. My aunt’s husband works for Fox Studios as a carpenter. Craig Kilborn’s mother went to high school with my dad – our grandma’s were very best friends FOREVER – hell, I even played with his own cousins when I was younger. But NO, not one cool celebrity story in my archives.*

So, when I learned that not only is Miss Kansas 2005 from my high school town ** of Tonganoxie KS, but she is a family friend (her sister and my sister are very best friends FOREVER), I knew I had to grab what little celebrity fame I could.

So, here’s a shout-out to Rachel Saunders, Miss Kansas 2005. The Miss USA pageant is on Monday, April 11th. While I don’t normally watch those sorts of things, you can be assured I will be watching THIS one. And for once, cheering on Tonganoxie.

*Except this: Apparently Kilborn had a daughter that he didn’t tell his grandma about. Until he rose to some fame and the mags dished it out for him. Quite shocking to the likes of my grandma and her cronies. But still, not really such a cool story.

**Notice I did NOT say “home town”. Sigh. I went to high school there, forcibly. I actually lived in that town, my childhood town, and my college town (Lawrence, KS) all equal amount of years. I would consider Lawrence to be my hometown because the other 2 towns were nearby – therefore, we did everything in Lawrence - doctors, shopping, movies, my parent’s jobs, etc.