June 2, 2007

What's faster than a speeding bullet?

These days, I can waddle my way to the nearest restroom quicker than you can say "kryptonite" only to dribble out a tablespoon's worth of piss. Bah.

Idiot Girl

One thing I love about this whole "no paycheck" business, is that it keeps me from buying Stupid Shit. Any of you who live for trips to Target, KNOW very well what I am talking about when I say "Stupid Shit". For example, I hate my paper towel holder. For no particular reason other than it is beechwood and I'm SO over my Beechwood Phase now. I've had it since before I even knew X. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this stupid towel holder other than I am tired of it. This whole No Paycheck business is going a long, long way in helping me to resist the allure of the nice, cast-iron towel holder I've been lusting over.

Spice Girl
Watching some HGTV over the weekend, I observed YET AGAIN a couple displaying their fancy-smancy kitchen with granite counter tops and ridiculously priced appliances proudly show off their spices stored ABOVE their stove. It's only appropriate to store your spices near a heat source if you actually use them frequently - say, within 6 months, MAX!! Heat destroys spices over time. Furthermore, teeny plastic containers of McCormick's spices are going to render you some pretty bland food - the flavor of your spices will seep through the plastic. I save glass jars with the metal lids and keep my spices in those instead. Yep, it ain't pretty, but you can keep spices for up to a year in glass, just keep them away from the stove. For example, I do keep spices such as chili, turmeric, coriander, fenugreek, cumin, and mustard seed near the stove because I use them nearly every single time I cook. Everything else, is kept in a separate cabinet. I do have a pretty spice rack (beechwood, of course!) but need to get rid of it because it useless.

Dirty Girl
We got our dishwasher fixed over the weekend. The same one that broke back in March. See?? I wasn't lying. I truly do like to wash dirty dishes!! However, it eventually had to be fixed and letting those things sit for too long can dry out parts, so I needed to suck it up and just get it done. Sigh.

Flower Girl
I feel good. Over the weekend, X and I spread 50 bags of mulch and still ran out of mulch, that's how much freakin' landscaping is here. I am not such a big fan of excessive landscaping. Personally, I love seeing a lawn full of green grass, but we are stuck with the Previous Owner's asinine horticultural travesties. Also, I finally got all of my flowers planted! I'm not excited that I had to do so many geraniums, but I needed some easy flowers this year - I also leaned heavy on marigolds, portulaca and chicks n' hens. I'm just grateful that I can finally enjoy my yard without all that stuff hanging over my head. It's very peaceful outside now, which is the point of my yard. Anyway, I am exhausted. As much as I would love to complain, realistically I know that women the world over are doing far more physical labor than I. It's hard to gripe about spreading overpriced chips of cypress over one's overpriced plot of land when I know that my life is super cushy compared to others.

Working Girl
This weekend, I had to chuckle thinking of yet another article about that silly book The Feminine Mistake. The book that tells women they are making a mistake by staying home full-time with their children and are putting their financial futures at risk by "depending on a man". It's sorta like when I chuckle at the gals who proclaim that they work because they want their kids to know they are capable of more than "just being a mother". Friday, I spent some late hours working on a PowerPoint presentation for X and proofreading a document that I think I've read at least 50 times by now. And we bickered a bit because I thought he was wrong on some points on both documents. Last week, I hauled Arun into an auto parts store to get an air filter for my car because I REFUSE to pay someone to do it when an air filter is so easy to install myself. Arun has been into Lowe's so many times now, yet only went in with X for the first time just this past weekend. Furthermore, my kids are going to grow up watching their parents argue/debate over such topics such as politics and business tactics. Regardless if I never "work" again, I am not afraid of what my children will think of me because it will be clear to them that I am more "than just a mother".

Bad Girl
I have officially passed the "hair cutting" reins to X. I got tired of the being "bad one" holding Arun as he screamed bloody murder because I had the sheer nerve on insisting his mushroom cloud of hair be pruned. For whatever reason, the last 3 or so haircuts have been miserable and I finally told X that he was going to have to take over. I am always the one insisting on diaper changes, good behaviour, baths, hair washing, and finishing his dinner before dessert while X is always the Fun One. So, yes - it's his turn to be the bad guy. One more reason to be excited about having a girl. Until NewKid can beg for a haircut in complete, grammatically sentences and then be able to actually instruct the stylist on exactly what she wants - that little girl is not getting her hair cut.

Good Girl
I hate the term "Nesting". It's a cutesy, demeaning term that doesn't give credit where credit is due. Actually, I prefer to call it Gittin' Thy Shit DONE as the follow pics shall demonstrate.

Last week, X took my Arun to my mom's house and then went to a coffee shop to work while there in Lawrence. I had 4 blissful, uninterrupted hours in which to Git Thy Shit DONE. I have not been alone in my house for such an extended period of time since Arun was BORN. Oh sure, I get out all the time, but rarely do I get to just be at home with no one around. It worked out quite well - X still got to work, Arun got to hang out with my mom, and I had some time to piddle around the house. Now, I just need to totally clean and vacuum my car and then I can sleep at night. Well, after I organize the basement a bit, clean off the dining room table and put my tools in the garage in order. THEN, I can relax.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I'm not eating out at all for this entire month. I even make my tea at the office now, instead of walking to Starfrock's next door.

Why all the frugality? Hightower is coming out and I need to save up for les vacances without decreasing my regular savings rate...because we're having ourselves a California tour, baby!!

I've also learned my lesson. Leave all credit cards and debit cards at home. I have a list of stuff I want (generally some makeup and clothes) and I buy it systematically as a treat during each paycheck.

I saw the "Financial Advice for New Grads" article in NYT a few days ago and had to smile. It's exactly what my parents bitch to me ALL THE TIME. Lol. Wealthy Barber is another good one that also includes valuable advince on mutual funds etc.

Cagey said...

I wish I had been smarter with money when I was fresh out of college - peer pressure to dress nice, drive nice, travel nice and eat nice led me to make some bad decisions. I was pretty lucky in that a few years down the line, I got a very good paying job that sucked part of my soul, but paid enough bonus that I was able to pay off some debt. And it enabled me to buy a house on my own before getting married.

Also, the Specter of Ridiculously Expensive West Coast Housing is keeping me financially honest these days. That and the mere thought of having to PAY someone to move my Stupid Shit is making me carefully consider all purchases now.

Christy said...

Third time is a charm. I have accidentally deleted my comment twice. TWICE. I am losing my mind.

I live for trips to Target. And you're right, I end up buying lots of stupid shit. But, its hard to control myself in that damn store.

The desk looks great. I am very jealous - 4 hours of alone time! If I had 4 hours of free time, I doubt I would clean. Instead, I would just sit on the couch and stare off into space.

Dee said...

I have that exact same desk, only mine looks way worse than your before picture. I don't think even a 4 hour block of alone time could get it cleaned up.

Cagey said...

Actually, I get alone time quite often, just not at home! So, to have that time at home was an inspiration to get some things done. I cleaned more than just that desk - we have ANOTHER desk that was in pretty bad shape, I just didn't bother with pics.

I was ruthless in throwing things away and that made it go much more quickly!

Bethany said...

My mother AND my sister store spices right over the stove. It drives me nuts!! I want to rearrange things every time I'm at their houses.

Modern Day Hermit said...

When I lived in the suburbs of Dallas, TX I had two (two!) Super-Targets within 5 miles of me. I have one regular target about 3 miles away but it's not nearly as exciting.

Excellent work on the desk(s) etc, I, too, hated that Nesting term.

My spice containers are mostly Ball jars and left overs glass jars that I have to admit...I'd sometimes buy soup in a jar for the glass jar. I also generally only purchase whole spices, if possible, and just roast and grind myself which I think helps a lot.

I can't stand people telling others what they should be doing. What right does someone have to tell someone else how they shouldn't stay home? Life is a risk, sheesh, just deal. Every since Alex has been staying home with Richard, well, he has developed some television programming love but he's so much happier. Isn't that worth something to these bossy ass pricks?

flybunny said...

You know I don't think with any of my pregnancies that I ever truly nested, like I have heard it explained but this time I did force my husband and kids to clean their crap up last week and if I get my way and am induced on Wednesday, this afternoon will be another cleaning session as everyone has let their hardwork fall by the wayside...

The peeing thing, omg that just drives me insane if I am going to make the effort to get their quickly enough to not wet myself, it better be worth the trip

Jenny said...

hehheheh. Hey Beavis, she said BROKE BACK. Heheheheh. ;)
Need. Sugar.