June 24, 2007

Is this some bizarre form of nesting?

I just fertilized, watered, and weeded all the landscaping in my backyard.

But only after I had completely trimmed my rose and hydrangea bushes, of course. Otherwise, that would just be CRAZY.


Anna said...

Look out, I was just like that the day before I went into labour two weeks ago!

Modern Day Hermit said...

Holy shit, that is a lot of work. I *so* want to move to Portland so I can actually go outside in the summer without cursing a blue streak.

Kirsten said...

I don't really get the nesting thing. I just go from Super Lazy to only Sort of Lazy right before I give birth. You are getting close!

Lisa said...

Hey lady. Thanks for the great idea. Yes, I'll take some submissions. (And I linked you too when I updated to ask for them.)

And hey, happy the post gave you an idea for your blog!

(The first four letters of the verification were jugs. Now when I see the word "jugs" I'll be thinking of YOU. heehee

Christy said...

You're insane! Sit on the couch and relax woman. You're about to pop!