June 10, 2007

Isn't water just water?

Housekeeping Note
I'm going to try and do shorter posts this week, but will try to post more often. I thought by posting longer posts a few times a week would save me time, but I am so obsessed with proofreading that I fear I am spending MORE time with longer posts. We'll see, I guess. Also, I've noticed my banner is gone, gone, gone. Apparently, the sheep have fled their flock. Am working on it.

I don't get it. Arun loves the wading pool at the park and the "big" pool at the gym - he splashes happily and screams with joy. But a bath? Makes him quiver and shake. WTF?

The Sopranos
Wow. WOW.
Be sure to check out Throwing Things - there's some good discussion going on there. Sepinwall has a stellar post up as well. (If you mention the Sopranos here, just indicate that it's a spoiler. But seriously - you should check out the Big Guns - those guys will have some great discussions going.)

Harry Potter

Okay. Book is ordered, sticker proclaiming my faith that Snape is to be Trusted has been displayed prominently on my fridge. I did the special, fancy book and am considering it my Gift for Birthin' a New Daughter. Actually, I'm going to work on making that entire weekend about my Birthin' Gift. I am planning on schlepping Anjali to the Border's release party to pick up my copy. Then, I am thinking the next day X can whisk Arun far, far away somewhere so that Anjali and I can rest in peace while we try to read as much as possible before the inevitable spoilers start popping up everywhere. If any of this book gets spoiled for me by all the bloggers and websites that will be discussing the ending, I will be furious. (Reminder: Use your Spoiler Alerts!!) The movie release is a different story and could be dicey. My due date is 7/6 and if I were to go a week late, I may have difficulty fitting in the movie. Ahem. Although, honestly, I think this kid is going to come early. Doesn't she know I have a life??

Pregnancy Brain Strikes Again
I was really pissed this morning when my chairside lamp apparently broke. I've had the lamp forever, my grandma used it even before that when she passed it along to me. I was not relishing buying another lamp when we are trying to save money, but I dutifully added it to my shopping list for Target. This evening, it occurred to me that maybe the lamp wasn't broken and that perhaps the bulb was burned out instead.

Because I'm a genius like that.


Stephanie said...

Do you have a baby pool for your yard? Maybe you could "bathe" Arun in that... an evening swim with some bubbles and baby shampoo?

meno said...

A mommy tip that worked for me. Buy some food coloring and color his bath water different colors. Let him pick the color.

Jenn said...

Allie is the same way with the bath. In the pool she loves getting splashed as much as possible and squeals with delight when the splash goes over her head. HOWEVER attempt to wash the child's hair, and you might as well be trying to murder her. WTF is right!

Christy said...

Porgie goes through weird phases with the bathtub too. Sometimes she splashes and plays, and other times she shakes and screams.

Pregnancy brain is the worst. I went to the GI doctor Friday, but completely forgot to bring my blood work and ultrasound results. I am an asshole.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I'm so excited for HP that the excitement sometimes KEEPS ME UP.

Will you be taking Anjali in costume? I hope you break out the hat and scarf you got for Howl-o-ween again.

Since this is the last one (*sob*) I will be attending in costume and I am debating whether or not to take the day off after the release since I know I'm going to do a 4.5 hour straight readthrough, the way I have for 5 and 6.


Modern Day Hermit said...

Pregnancy Brain, haha. So true. Richard refers to that as Pregnant-Heimers. Because he's clever like that.

I need to catch up on the Sopranos, what a show!

I've not read one Harry Potter book, it's a damn shame and almost criminal, I love the movies! I've started a collection of books I'm going to force my son to read (just kidding!) and H.P. is on the list. I want us to read them together.

Diana said...

I'd been going to ask you which strategy you were going to use for the final HP: Devour as quickly as possible or savor as there will be no more.

I'm debating. I've still several weeks to decide.

(Yes. I know I'm deluding myself and will lock myself away as soon as I get my grubby mits on it, but until then, I can pretend that I'll savor it.)

Erin said...

I have a plan for seeing the movie, because I'm scheduled to have my c-section 7/11. The plan is this: get Grandpa (and maybe Grandma) to babysit Emily and Lucy and I are going to go to a "family friendly" matinee a couple of weeks after it comes out. If she cries, I can nurse her and theoretically, no one will care. And hopefully, she'll sleep through it and I can just sit back and enjoy. :)