March 30, 2007

For better or for worse?

Caution! Melodramatic Detour ahead.
I am worse. SO much worse. This cold is kicking my ass. Furthermore, my Desperately Seeking Pollyanna post from last night was in vain and I am ever so grateful I did not go to Vegas this morning. I spent 11pm-2am and then 5am-6am fervently trying to get Arun to sleep. Anywhere. In his crib, in my bed, in my arms. There was much flailing and sobbing involved. I am ashamed to say, on both our parts. Today's Nap was met with the same resistance. Flailing, sobbing?? Rinse, repeat.

The great twist was that our Parents as Teachers lady came yesterday and totally complimented me on my sMothering Skillz when she watched me head off a few tantrums at the pass. She agreed that my approach was working and was reasonable - then she gave some more awesome suggestions. Around 1:00am, I couldn't help but think wryly that it was a damned shame that she couldn't watch my Ironic Descent into the Darkness as I paced our hallway for the 1000th time.

I always say with perkiness that my sMothering Mantra is "This is temporary, this will pass." I am holding onto that for dear life right now. It has to pass. Dear God, it has to because I feel like I am drowning and clawing for air.

Right this very minute, we are in the back yard. I am bleary-eyed . He is giggling, splashing in water and batting his adorable eye fringe at me. Where the hell is HE getting the energy? He even deigned to cheerfully say "Hi! Hi!" over and over on the phone today with X. It's as if he knows his cushy gig is on the line and he better shape up.

There's hope.

Desperately Seeking a Haircut

Good God, woman. How do you expect me to sleep at night with hair like THIS?


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I'm so happy you cancelled because I strongly suspected it was going to hit you harder by the third or fourth day. Way better to recover than to have travelled and be out for weeks. You sounded pretty congested even when I talked to you.

Arun's got l.a. indie-rocker Echo Park hair!!!

(ps, he looks more like you every day...odd, because with the early pics I thought he would look like X)

Erin said...

I'm sorry you're sick! Hopefully both of you will get a good night's sleep tonight.

It's nights like the one you describe that make me wish there were effective sleep aids for kids. Why couldn't there be a Tylenol PM Jr? Because thinking "For the love of God, just go to SLEEP, kid!" doesn't cut it.

flybunny said...

Oh Cagey - I am so sorry the nap strike is continuing. I would like to officially offer up Audrey playing services (with me there) so that you can get some sleep even if for just an hour - we are free tomorrow all day. I will e-mail you my number again, just in case you have lost it.

Modern Day Hermit said...

I am so sorry and hope you get better soon, it's so hard when they don't sleep when you're not sick and a million times more difficult when you are....take care.

bethiclaus said...

Ick! I'm sorry it's going so poorly right now. Although, I must say that it's nice to know that other parents are also flailing occasionally.

It'll get better soon.

Christy said...

Of course, I completely understand your frustration. I know I harp on this a lot, but Porgie has been waking 3 times every night for a while now. AND SOMETIMES SHE GETS UP AT 5:00 am - thanks to my stupid ass husband.

Sobbing and flailing around with your baby is definitely acceptable. I cried today because Porgie refused to eat anything(this is strange because I am not a weepy person). I think it is just a way to release tension.

I hope things improve quickly.

Oh yeah, and we totally have to put up matching pictures of our baby girls in the green outfit. It will be too cute!

Anonymous said...

I saw your article in The Star - I love to see other fellow Executive Firm slaves blogging away. I am taking a different approach to my blog but yours is very entertaining to read. KEEP ON!