March 12, 2007

What's that they say about Mondays?

Updated: A mere 30 minutes after I posted this childish, churlish invective, Arun proceeds to wake up to the best mood ever. Giggling and happily batting away the Eye Fringe, he's laying the groundwork for a fairly good day. Ahh.... Motherhood. Just when I thought I was out-- it pulls me back in.

Entertainment Note: I was so incredibly disappointed by last night's episode of The Amazing Race, it actually shocked me how much I cared. I was SO bummed. The leg itself was a GREAT leg. If you made mistakes, you PAID and there was no irritating, artificial bunching. But still, my favorite team lost and I am left wondering who to root for now. sniff....

So, I met Flybunny yesterday - she came over to check out some Baby Goods I have skulking in my basement. Innernets, the gig is up and she's onto me. She knows that my so-called le manse is actually just a suburban cookie-cutter, the Ridiculous Car is just an Acura (although, it's still Ridiculous to me), and that Arun is really just a carefully coiffed Cabbage Patch Kid. Meeting bloggers is always an awkward affair (I'm meeting another one when I go to Vegas in two weeks! Squee!). You are seeing someone face-to-face for the first time who, in reality, you know an awful fuck A LOT about for only having just met in person. However, it's a great way to jump start a friendship because you can immediately sit down and start chatting without all the nasty Background Business. We talked for quite awhile before Flybunny's 9 year old daughter insisted they leave for a Very! Important! Errand involving a magazine purchase. Damn, her daughter was absolutely adorable - the media portrays kids these days as mindless, resource-sucking brats. Meeting Flybunny's daughter was an inspiration that there a few nice kids out there to continue the species. Hope for the future! Anyway, hopefully I will be seeing more of them because I am pushing Flybunny to join my Tuesday Kiddie Cult when she is staying home during maternity leave. We are having special initiation rites complete with ritualistic hazing to be conducted at the Deanna Rose Farmstead the end of April. Most definitely, goats will be involved.

Um......yesterday marked Day #3 of the No Naps for Me, No Way, No How Showdown currently being waged by my otherwise fairly tolerable little boy. This comes after nearly a week of inconsistent night time sleeping. My Higher Brain Function feels sorry for him because it's obvious that life is just WAY too exciting for him right now and it's hard to settle down to sleep when he's had a fucking V8 and is all "WTF? The world doesn't stop when I go to bed?? The outside temperature is at its Playtime Optimum during the hours of 2-4pm? WTF? "

However. My Lower Brain Function is very, very angry. Very, Very frustrated. Very, Very frightened because HOLY SHIT, I'm staring down a shotgun barrel that's going off in July - Independence Day? MY ASS. I mean, sure. My life is easy peasy and when X is here, it's even easier - in truth, he's been taking night time duty these days because it's easier for Arun to sleep with him than me. Furthermore, let's say this afternoon Arun is a little pill again -- I know that I get to hand him off to Cousin J and then head for the hills to peruse the aisles of Costco in leisure. Besides, it's not like we are Prairie People - I'm not sweeping a dirt floor, using a washboard or lugging water from a well. But still. X is going to be basically living in Boston part-time from this week on. sniff......

[/Pathetic Whining via Overindulged Hausefrau]

I'd like to see more of this......

and less of THIS.


md.macaca said...

Everyone is entitled to whine sometimes:)I think as long as we realize that we're pretty lucky overall, that's a good sign. After all, there are far too many people who are too oblivious to be introspective

CPA Mom said...

I get it. I WEPT when Tigger gave up naps. Wept I tell you. At least Eeyore still ASKS for her naps.

The meeting a blogger in real life - you hit the nail on the head. It was SO awkward to meet Lawyer Mama but so fun too. I can't wait to meet more bloggers this summer!

meno said...

After naps went bye-bye in my house, we still has "quiet time" everyday. I really needed it too.

I have yet to meet a blogger in person, but i may be meeting one in May. I think it will be a group thing. Wonder if that will make it easier?

Diana said...

Oh no!!!!

You stick to those guns. Nap time is a sacred, sacred thing for us moms. This too, shall pass. Eventually.

You hit it on the head for me, too, about meeting other bloggers. The first 15 minutes or so are rather awkward as you really can't fall back on the usual conversation openers, but then, as you sit down and take a sip of whatever, the conversation flows like a river.

Modern Day Hermit said...

No naps!!! I live for the nap and I'm at work all day. I mean, I love my boy to bits, but a little reprieve is necessary.

I feel for you, I find this age awesome yet so exhausting at the same time.

Marilyn aka callistawolf said...

I too was deeply hurt and baffled by last night's Amazing Race. I wrote about it on my 451Press page:

Meeting other bloggers can be AMAZINGLY intimidating because a) as bloggers we're a socially awkward bunch and b) it's easy to view your favorites as rock stars and you feel too stupid and awkward to approach them at all. Or maybe that's just me. ;)

Cagey said...

Md. Macaca,
I guess if I can't whine on my own blog, where else could I whine?

CPA Mom,
I don't think Arun has outgrown naps - I think we just had a few really bad days. I hope. Gulp.

My sister swears by "quiet time" and I agree. My 5 year old nephew outgrew naps over a year ago, but he still is too little to be able to run full steam for an entire day. Quiet time is a nice compromise and gives him some choice/freedom since he gets to pick his activity - it just has to be quiet.

You described it exactly - the first 15 minutes are sort of weird, but then you can launch right into things.

Modern Day Hermit,
Every job gets its breaks and naptime is mine. If he takes a good nap - EVERYONE is happier. On the rare, rare occasion he takes a 2.5+ hour nap, towards the end I find myself getting antsy for him to get up so we can goof around again.

Cagey said...

re: Amazing RAce - I don't know what would have been worse - the fact that Rob was NOT at the top of his game or if they had lost due to luck. I was surprised at how much it bummed me out.

re: FAmous Bloggers - Yes, I am fairly certain I was Freaky Fangirl both times I met Finslippy. I don't think I totally frightened her, but she hasn't exactly emailed me and asked if we can be BFFs.

md.macaca said...

Heh to the freaky-fangirlness-- I saw a local blogger at a restaurant with her family, and I recognized her from pictures on her blog. I was totally excited about it, but of course I didn't go say anything because that would just seem stalker-ish of me. My friend (who i was lunching with ) totally didn't get my excitement. Guess I need to make more fans with blogger types, so we can get excited together.

Christy said...

Sleep? I don't even remember what a restful night's sleep feels like. Porgie had only slept through the night a handful of times her entire life. Also, naps are pretty crazy around here too.

I feel your pain.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Man, I need to get on V8 if it can make someone that happy.

Rest assured that I do actually swear as much as I write. Unfortunately.

Cagey said...

Md. Macaca,
Many of my real life friends DO blog and it is fun when we get together because we talk about other blogs as if they are part of our social group (as in, "Hey did you read so-and-so got a new job and is moving?"). Our non-blog friends think we are CUH-RAZY.

I am so incredibly spoiled - Arun has always been a good night sleeper - naps have always been our nemesis.

You can curse away in front of Arun - he's not mimicking yet! :-)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Oh man, I never even THOUGHT of that. Now I seriously can't, or I'll try to keep it on the d-low.

I think I'll just replace it with frock. That's a perfectly nice word for a little boy to learn.

Lisa said...

Oh the napless child. They scare me. Thankfully Seth didn't give those up until the last few months...

It is cool meeting blog buds, ain't it? Like you said... You can get straight to the dirt a whole lot quicker.

flybunny said...

It was so much fun meeting you yesterday!!

Don't let Cagey fool you, Arun is a flirt beyond belief with those eyes and the grin.....Audrey loved playing with him but the call of "m" magazine with the scoop on Ashley Tisdale and Dylan and Cole Sprouse was more than she could stand. And thank you for all the nice things you wrote about her - she is a jewel but it is nice to hear it from others :)

The stroller got 2 thumbs up from the family - thanks again!!!!!

Blondie said...

Hahahaha. Arun looks so peaceful in that first pic and then slightly manic in the second. I have a pic of Little looking very very angry, and it cracks me up.

dorothy said...

He'll get back to naps. Maybe vary the times a bit? Assvice for you! Yeah!

And you know I am your sister when it comes to night-time parenting. GAH GAH GAH