March 29, 2007

Stick it where?

I actually feel okay. Not better, but not worse. And you know what? I will stick that in my pipe and smoke it. Gratefully.

Arun took a 3.5 hour nap today. I've noticed a trend where I bitterly complain on my blog about things and then magically everything rights itself - as if Life is trying to make me out to be the grumpy hypocrite I am (I'm not an optimist, but I play one online). It makes me want to grouse about how in the hell does one get a roofer to call you back - maybe that will yield some sort of return call.

Anyway, I realize not going to Vegas was a good move. It probably would have made my cold worse and besides, Arun still isn't 100% himself. Pre-Kid, I would have sucked it up and went, but I have to be responsible now as it's no longer All About Me. Oh sure, all the Wise Baby Tomes warn you, but nothing actually prepares you, eh??

Oh - I'd like Monkey to know that I touched up my roots just for her. They are definitely not going to be as purty by the time I see her in a few weeks, but dammit - I still want credit.


Jane said...

It sucks that you had to postpone your trip! I hope you continue feeling better and that Arun's naps continue as well.

Christy said...

Yay for the 3 hour nap. Sounds like heaven on earth.

dorothy said...

When the little angel has sleeping troubles, she usually has a great night every fourth day. Maybe she taught this to Arun. Sorry...I'd hate for you to experience much more of this.