March 20, 2007

What was I thinking?

Innernets, I Have an Announcement.
A few weeks back, I added Rancid Raves to X's Google Reader. Big mistake because FUCK, now he's reading my blog on regular basis. Anyway, he was um, "concerned" that I gave the vibe that we have no money for all the recent home-related calamities that have befallen us. Rest assured, Innernets, we do have the money to pay not only for a roof over our head, but also a floor underneath our feet and an appliance to wash our dishes. It just sucks to have to pay for such crapola when we are trying to tighten our purse strings. Bah. So, I apologize profusely for any mistaken impressions that I may given that alluded to any states of destitution that in reality, don't exist. Ahem.

Actually, it's you. Not me.
Well, Cousin J has been marked for elimination. She has been very flaky in the past few months, but since I know her situation and she is family, I've given her a lot of leeway. Too much, actually. Last week was the last straw. She came on Monday and I paid her for the week - then she blew me off for the rest of the week with very little notice or on a few days NO notice. It was the worst week possible because I had lined up a TON of errands, household chores and some yardwork that I was going to slam out during those precious, precious hours of babysitting. And this week, she hasn't shown up at all - I suspect she is out of town on spring break, but hello? Some notice, maybe? Am I just being picky? I've had mixed feelings about her coming for awhile because the babysitting wasn't as necessary as when Arun was younger and for many afternoons, the past few months have found me just wandering around Target, trying to think of useful shit to do during that 2 hour timeslot. However, I wanted to keep her around for the options when NewKid arrives and also, it looks like I will be doing some work with X on the Big Idea. I am very disappointed in her, quite frankly.

Boy, Girl, Kung Fu Fighting Hamster?
This Friday is the ultrasound and we'll verify a variety of things - like making sure that the NewKid doesn't have a partner in crime. Hopefully, we'll find out the gender, too. If it's a girl, I hope she likes dinosaurs and wild critter themes, because I have an ADORABLE wardrobe all ready to go. As soon as her brother is done with it. And if it's a boy? I can promise he'll get a kick ASS train set for Christmas because then I will combine Christmas budgets. Or truthfully, even if it's a girl, there'll still be a train set because I loved playing with trains as a girl. Anyway.......I mean, I've got the important things all figured out, right?? People, it's all about priorities. Anyway, I'll definitely post on Friday the results. Also, my dad, step-mom, mom, sister, and X will all be crammed into that tiny room with the technician and me - hell's bells. You'd think I'd be able to scrape together some sort of post from that trainwreck. It KILLS me whenever my parents insist they "don't have a problem" with each other and that everything is A-okay. Um, yeah. When they utter such crap, I feel like asking, "Then why the hell did you get divorced?" Good divorce, my ass. What an oxymoron. Whatever. Good for them, maybe. And don't even get me started on why they ALL are going to be there. It involved hefty doses of Potential Guilt. The worst kind.

Let's Go Clubbing!
Well, the votes for the Online Book Club's April selection are in and the winner is Tripping the Prom Queen by Susan Shapiro Barash. I am very excited about this read. I will update my sidebar in the next few days to include a section for the Club. Again, this is open to ANYONE. We will be discussing this book via the comments section on April 30th. Yippee!

It's been reported that Cagey is suffering from "dehydration and exhaustion".
Okay, maybe not the dehydration but I am absolutely exhausted this week and I am not sure why. Oh sure, I've done some yardwork and God Almighty, I'm washing dishes by hand these days, but it's not like those things are particularly taxing. I feel like I've been run over by a truck so posting may be light this week.


Jane said...

I didn't comment before, but I'm definitely in for the book club (and the rest of the group even managed to choose the book I would have voted for).

I still need to read the book for our next RL book club meeting, but at least I have it in my possession. That's something.

Christy said...

My husband was reading my blog and it was causing some tension between us. He agreed not to read anymore, but I suspect that he still does...

I hope all goes well at the ultrasound. It sounds like a full house. You are a brave, brave woman.

Hope you feel better soon!

Modern Day Hermit said...

Is it weird that I am psyched to find out if NewKid is boy or girl?

I went ahead and picked up "Tripping the Prom Queen" and "Game Chauvinist Pigs" so I'm excited about reading both.

meno said...

You are not being too picky. A committment is a committment, family or no.

can't wait to find out the sex.

meno said...

Oh, and on the hubby reading your blog? What were you thinking? Mine doesn't even know i have one.

Dee said...

Since my Hubby started reading my blog, there have been several conversations about things I have written. Things that make perfect sense to me come across differently to him. He worries about what other people will think of him and our family when they read it. I guess I just got over that long ago.

Blondie said...

If you have a hamster in there, I am sooooooooo making fun of you. ;) Can't wait to find out what it is!!!!

Diana said...

Sara reaped the benefits of a wardrobe of lots of dinosaurs and blue handed down by her brother. She also plays with our kickass train set much more than he ever did. On the other hand, he plays more with the kickass doll house. He uses it as a commando base for his soldiers. I love blurring gender lines.

Jenny said...

I appear to be having another moment of on-screen dyslexia, for I read the title of the book to be "Tripping the PORN Queen", and I wondered if a boob hits the floor, does the silicon explode, or does she bounce? I could maybe read that.
I need more coffee.

Traci said...

I have been lurking for a while, following to get some tips on how to handle kid number 2. I have a 17 month old and am due end of August. Just found out it is kid number 2 AND 3 in there. yikes! Maybe you'll have the same surprise!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

*waves hi to X*

Hope you feel better and squee! for the ultra-sound this Friday. Hope it goes off without a hitch.

flybunny said...

Ohh I can't wait for the results of the ultra sound.

I am in for the book club as well now that I have so much time on my hands - lots of reading can be done during Mom's treatments!

I am right there with you on the exhaustion and I have been taking it easy this week, I hope you are feeling better soon!

Leah said...

My husband's reading my blog has caused some tension at times. Argh.

I am SO looking forward to the awesomeness of your trainwrecky ultrasound potential. Not for you, of course, but for me because it's always better when it happens to someone else. I agree about the divorce. Good divorce my ass.