January 9, 2007

Won't you be my baby?

Updated to add: In the 2nd to last picture I just noticed a BLUEBERRY skulking in the background. WTF? Do they have legs???? Argh.

Too lazy to deal with paragraphs, topics and indentedness today. Instead, I'll demonstrate how bullets can used to make friends, not enemies.......
  • Hey - this De-lurking thingie is FUN. It's not only cool to be getting comments, but also, I am really enjoying visiting new sites! Keep the comments coming because it is awesome to be adding new spots to my Bloglines. Also, I realize that I am behind on my own replies to your comments from yesterday - will get on those after I publish this.
  • I've discovered there is a direct correlation between my kid's Snuggle Factor and his diaper's Stink Factor. For sure, the higher the Stink, the higher the probability he will want to crawl into my lap. Unfortunately, this does not translate into an actual request for a diaper change. HELL NO.
  • Someone made the very valid comment that sushi being a Forbidden Food during pregnancy seems silly to those folks of the Japanese persuasion. I would agree that much of the Forbidden Food seems silly and I freely confess that I enjoyed a glass of wine here and there while pregnant with Arun (my doctor has said that Americans are puritanical when it comes to alcohol - we discussed portion sizes, but she did admit she usually tells her patients "no alcohol at all" for liability reasons.) Anyway, with Arun, I even had soft cheese, but I just can't seem to make the leap to sushi. I have been craving some home-made paneer, but am wondering where that falls. I think it's a soft cheese, but what if I am making it myself?
  • I am not a big fan of Starbucks. It's nothing personal, I just don't care for their coffee. I do like the Cinnamon Dolce with HALF the pumps of the sugary crap, but overall, I think their coffee is meh. However, they are conveniently located near to my house and they offer a cozy place to sit and relax. Lately, I've been spending more time there because Cousin J is back babysitting (it's been well over a month - we were sick, she was sick - everyone was freakin' sick.) So. Ahem. I am starting to have a little "problem" with their Iced Green Tea Lemonade. I can't tell you how much I have been craving this thing since I discovered it last week. I am even trying to scheme how I can make it at home. It is SO yummy and refreshing. I had some left in a cup tonight and X was letting Arun have some and I may have snapped at X. I may have even said something about "needing something JUST FOR ME, that I didn't have to share". Well, I may have said something to that effect, but there's no proof and besides, no jury would convict me.
  • Everyone is all abuzz about the Consumer Reports thingie about carseats - I'd like to make something clear. They were talking about INFANT CARRIERS - you know, the Baby Bucket that you put into a base that is belted/LATCHed into your car. There's a lot of misinformation out there that I think is muddling the issue and just plain causing confusion - some folks aren't making the clarification that it was only referring to infant carriers - CR was not referring to convertible carseats or booster seats. I do highly recommend buying this month's issue of Consumer Reports if you are shopping for an infant carrier or carseat in general - the article overall was very educational. We lucked out and just happened to have one of the two they recommended - the Graco Snugride. I wish I could claim some superior knowledge related to my sMothering Skillz, but nope, just pure dumb luck on my part. Obviously, since we will be filling our Baby Bucket again this summer, this issue has been on my mind. I think carseats in particular really set off fever pitch emotions for parents because unlike most Things Baby Safetyish, there is NOTHING you can do about car wrecks. Conversely, you can put up gates, lock up your knives, clamp down your toilet seats, but when it comes to carseats, you have to put your faith into it and hope some dumb ass doesn't run a red light.
  • Ugh. Speaking of little fleshblobs, I really don't like the term "the baby". I think it's the "the" part of that whole thing and it's particularly irksome when you hear people say things like "Oh, The Baby started Kindergarten today". WTF? And yes, I still hear people call Arun "the baby". Um, he's a little boy - I've even lost count of the haircuts. Oh SURE, he'll always be "MY baby", but he's never been "THE baby". Speaking of babies, I had hoped to come up with a stellar moniker for NewKid since I referred to Arun as the Freeloader throughout my pregnancy. I haven't really came up with anything I like and seriously, X and I call HimHer the NewKid. ...........New Kid on the Blog, I guess........

New Blood for the Marketing Industry

They say a sucker is born every minute - how about October 16, 2005? The Great Red One is hawking crackers and Arun TOTALLY fell for it. There is nothing special about these crackers, yet Arun will devour them and not the perfectly good store brand crackers that taste virtually the same. I was so desperate to get him to eat something, ANYTHING. So, I caved and bought these crackers when Arun saw them and began excitedly gesturing. Which of course, makes ME the ultimate sucker for marketing.

The Nose Knows

A 3rd Generation Oliver Nose, at your service. However, you should see his DADDY's big ole honker. Arun got off easy!

Charm School Dropout

Cuz Drool Ain't Cool.

The Evolution of a Snot Bubble

They have to begin somewhere.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I love his crazy little expressions (the little ham) and when he bugs out the eyes to impossible states of roundness, but I gotta say, when he keeps his face still and you snap him in those moments, you can really see how beautiful he is. Boy beautiful, if you know what I mean.

Jenny said...

Thanks for de-lurking over at my house! And don't feel bad about buying the crackers. He could have been frantically gesturing at chocolate covered jelly beans or something. But I don't know how you don't cave to the cheeks every two seconds- God I love the cheeks!

Cagey said...

He was such a crabby, serious little fella for so long that we are still utterly amazed at this goofball that he has become. I'll be in checkout line and look down at him totally hamming it up for someone behind us.

It's the dimples that kill me, actually. And the eyelashes. Sigh.

Lisa said...

I see pics of this and MISS THOSE DAYS!

Green tea lemonade. Ohhhh. Sounds good. (I drink green tea daily and have been for years, so I'm very interested....)

mk said...

Happy De-Lurking Week! My daughter loves those crackers too! The drool pics are too cute!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Try buying the flavoured green teas (I'd recommend pear or something) from Republic of Tea, making iced tea then adding a bit of powdered lemonade powder. I have the Pear flavour from Republic of Tea and it's amazing.

Min-tea said...

Happy de-lurking! Green tea leamonade... hmmmm. I don't think they have it here, at the Starbucks in Singapore but it
s worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

New kid on the blog......

brit...blogger is being a poop and I can't leave comments ...stupid

Cagey said...

I think as a mother, you miss ALL the stages. I held a 2 month old yesterday and got all gooey with anticipation.

The crackers crack me up - there is NOTHING special about them. He doesn't even understand that the crackers themselves are different characters.

HEY - we have the green tea with pear. Must get on that. You may have just saved me a bundle.

If you can't find it there, check out Monkey's suggestion.

I suspect Blogger is cursing all these Fun Bandwagons that we bloggers are creating for ourselves. It certainly couldn't have helped that they just launched Beta. I wonder if Fussy is on a hitlist of theirs for coming up with NaBloPoMo?

Erin said...

I called Emily the parasite when I was pregnant with her. So far, this one doesn't have a name other than 'the new baby'. And I agree, that's not a very good name.

I started totally craving turkey sandwiches this week. And have now made two trips to turkey sandwich stores to indulge. But apparently this kid doesn't like Stove-Top stuffing. It smelled rancid to me. My husband had to smell it to make sure I wasn't going to poison them. :)

Carrie said...

One of our friends called his the virus and referred to birth as downloading the virus. Can you tell he is a computer nerd?

Tammy said...

New reader by way of Amalah. Arun is adorable. And I hate "the baby" too ... and myself even more when I find myself referring to my daughter as "the baby" instead of by her name on occasion.

MLE said...

Isn't the "soft cheese" thing a pasteurization thing? or am I missing something? I thought all cheese sold commercially here had to be pasteurized?

(also, I spotted the errant blueberry!)

Chelle said...

Your kid even makes snot bubbles look adorable.

Wordnerd said...

Aww, man, I completely forgot what my comment was going to be. Those last pics of drool-boy had me going "squee" way too much. I'll try to remember it and come back. God that child is adorable!!!

flybunny said...

I love the next to last pic of him tilting his head looking all flirty!

I don't particulary care for the baby either but that is how we refer to the little person until we find out if it is a he or she (on Friday) and that was only because the girls were fighting over calling it it, which I hated or big bird and I wasn't fond of that either.

As for the car seat, we bought that issue specifically becuase the bucket is the one thing I will not buy used or as a hand me down -it was informative for those of us who have not had to buy a car seat for several years!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Actually Cagey, buying the crackers was the best decision ever-the Great Red One on the box tells Arun he MUST eat. So all you really need to do is save the box and stuff whatever you want in it (fish curry, generic crackers, a cheesecake), wave it in his face and presto. Come to think of it, maybe the Great Red One has dishware and an encouraging "Eat Kiddoes Eat!" DVD? Because Arun really seems to be under his spell.

Rozanne said...

I totally agree with you about Starbucks coffee. It tastes like percolated cigarette ash. So imagine my dismay when my dad's girlfriend gave me a Starbucks card as a token Xmas present. It was nice of her, but I kept wondering what on earth I'd be able to buy with the card I'd like--so thanks for the suggestions!!!

Cagey said...

Hey - I like parasite!

Damn - I like virus, too!

I'm sure I've called Arun "the baby" on occasion, particularly when he really WAS a baby. My 2.5 year nephew was "the baby" until the day his little sister was born I KID YOU NOT.

I would love to get a shot of an ACTUAL snot buble - that was just the genesis of one.

I confess, there is much Squeeing by Yours Truly around here. I know I am pretty prejudiced, though.

Yes, the Consumer Reports is a "must buy" this month for anyone looking for a carseat - even a convertible or booster. It was so informative.

Great minds think alike - I was just thinking this morning I should sneak some storebrand crackers in there.

X had that problem last year - he gave the card to me because I don't mind their coffee, I just don't CARE for it.

Cagey said...

Yes, the soft cheese has to do with pasteurization. I just wonder how the works when you make the cheese in your own home. I do use pasteurized whole milk. Hmmm.... Now, I am really craving some.

Shalini said...

I say, make some paneer and enjoy!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Yeah, I agree with Shalini. Plus, if you're cooking it up in a curry, it will be boiled/baked/broiled/BBQ in your recipe as a double safeguard.

bloggedissue said...

1.My fingers are sick of all the comments I've been leaving... but here's another. :)
2. Oh yeah... but why is this?
3. You need to be happy with what you eat... I was always careful as I didn't want to be able to blame myself for anything.
4. Don't even have starbucks here, as far as I know. Doesn't matter cos I don't drink coffee.

Cagey said...

Shalini and Monkey,
I think I will be making some on Sunday. Again, I am usually not too picky about soft cheese, but was more concerned about the fact that it was coming from MY kitchen.

Yes, I agree regarding the "being careful", it's just that Americans are so freakin' paranoid! Fortunately, my doctor is really laid back.