January 25, 2007

What about it?

Random Kibble n' Bits

  • ABC 20/20 is airing a special on poverty in America tomorrow - I had already set it up on my DVR, but came across this article as well. The article makes the valid point that we see more images of poverty in other countries than in our own. I think it has do with the feeling in America that you "can achieve anything you want to, if you really want to" (aka The American Dream) and therefore, we have less sympathy for poverty-stricken folks living here, than in other countries.
  • I've confessed my anti-lotion sins here before - I just hate the way they feel on my skin. Despite this, I am a total sucker for flowery scents, hotel freebies, and department store samples, so the selection of lotion rotting in my bathroom is not scant. However, NewKid apparently is making my skin very itchy. I am here to tell you that on Tuesday I had Come to Jesus moment and the saviour was Continuous Comfort Curel. OH MY GOD. (Cue the Choir) You apply this stuff right after a shower in the morning and still by that evening your skins feels like skin as opposed to say, a strip of sandpaper. OH MY GOD. Of course, many thanks are owed to Amalah for this suggestion. Today, I even purchased another bottle for Arun's room.
  • Thank you for all the incredibly thought provoking comments this week on what could have been perceived as "controversial" topics. In particular, I was a little nervous about the whole "Moms Face Off" post but instead, all I received were totally cool comments talking about all sides of the issue. I always encourage dissenting views because that is the only to LEARN. When a blog's comment section turns into a huge Kissy Face Fan Fest, I usually stop reading them at that point. Anyway, awesome comments from awesome friends. There is so much meanness and negativity going on in the blogworld these days and I like that my own little Neck o' the Blogs has remained sane.
  • Speaking of negativity, I am a bit weary of the celebrity snark sites. When a blogger gets snarked on they get pissed off about it, but yet it is okay to snark on celebrities? I fail to see the difference when we are ALL putting ourselves out in a public forum. Oh sure, I like to read gossip rags, but more so for the random snaps and fashion photos since it's obvious the "new breaking" stories are basically lies concocted after a few rounds of martinis.
  • I did some serious, serious price comparisons today at Wal-Mart that involved pulling out Hen House AND Target receipts. For the particular purchases I made today, there was never more than a 30 cent difference and with the Curel purchase Wal-Mart was even higher. I loathe shopping at Wal-Mart, the aisles are narrow, the endcaps over-crowded and I hate how they bag your items on a little turn-stile thingie and half the time you can't be certain you got all of your purchases. I even had to remind the guy to give me my last bag. However, I had convinced myself that Wal-Mart was cheaper, so attempted to be fiscally responsible today. Bah. No More Wal-Mart.

I am going to live on the edge today and post this without a final proofing. Gulp.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I'm reading a great book on Walmart right now by Charles Fishman. Great, balanced look at how they run their business and how they've revolutionised retail and how they drive how prices are set on the market.

I'm really getting into business journalism-quite fascinating. Next up after this is a book on the theories of negotiation (Avinash Dixit). I'm curious to see, as someone who negotiates on a daily basis (I type this 1/2 listening to Mentos screech 2 offices down) where I gain and where I lose, recognising that I hold the trump card in that I usually hold the source of funds or securing party status. Anyway, I figure if I understand HOW we maneuver ourselves into tactical positions, I can get a better understanding of how to get the upper hand and force the "rational" choice. Not so important now, when I hold the trump cards of federal monies, but more so down the line in the private sector where I'm the one who is going to have to do the persuading.

Business journalism is where it's at-check out the Walmart book, fascinating stuff.

Creams: haven't tried Curel but the trick is really to apply whatever you like right out of the shower, because the air drying off the water wicks moisture off your skin. I'm a hardcore Vaseline user still-also adore that really slimy Johnson and Johnson mineral oil gel stuff. Petrolatum never goes out of style. Will check out Curel!

Controversial Posts: I liked them. I've grown a little hesistant these days as well, mostly after Trainwrecks started up because of the whole job situation. I still get heart attacks when I see law firm addies on my site lists, even though I know it's just an associate goofing off. When I go into the private sector I know I'm going to have to password protect it.

MB said...

I brave Wal-Mart about once every two years - basically when my memories of the last experience have vanished. Upon entering the store, my first thought is "It is so much cheaper! No wonder people shop here." And within 10 minutes that turns into, "I don't care how much more Target costs, I am never coming here EVER AGAIN." Fast forward 2 years. Repeat.

alyndabear said...

Hey Cagey,

Just had to pop back in again after my holiday away to see how you were doing. You did a mighty fine job there without editing, I must say. Sounds like things are going well! :)

Dee said...

I'll have to look for that Curel lotion. I have very dry skin and am always looking for a lotion that will last through the day.

And, for what it's worth, I think the controversial posts are interesting.

Olivia said...

I agree with your comments on snarky celebrity sites. For a short time I read perezhilton and co., mostly for the fashion and hair, and pics of kids, but I got tired of it really fast. Comments about one celebrity looking fat and another (same sized) celebrity looking fabulous drove me nuts.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Walmart gets my business because they carry a few things that I want that I can't find at the other places, even another Walmart down the street that is closer to home. Things like my preferred and dirt-cheap razors and some Butter Pecan flavor Boost. Since I'm there for those things, I buy the other stuff there, too, but I like buying groceries at real grocery stores more and more lately regardless of price because the produce quality is better and selections are more varied.

I'm with you on the rude celebrity sites. I've never been a regular reader of them.

bethiclaus said...

Andrés left half our groceries at WalMart yesterday. Because of those damn bagger wheels.