January 12, 2007

What says "de-lurk" better than a bullet in yer face?

Loads of rambledly goodness for you.
  • I entered my "goals" post from yesterday in Scribbit's Write Away Contest (contest link is here). Check it out! The deadline is January 20th, so there's still time left.
  • While I am not a huge fan of the semi-department store Kohl's, I do love, LOVE their Kohl's Cares for Kids program - over the years, I've gotten Dr. Seuss books, Eric Carle books, etc. there for a whopping 5 bucks a pop. Now? They are having a Sandra Boynton dealio and WOW, it's worth it. They are selling Rhinoceros Tap, Philadelphia Chickens and Dog Train CDs with a nicely illustrated book, plus all the associated stuffed animals to go with them. Anyway, I had JUST researched these on iTunes last week, so to get each one for 5 bucks each is a steal. I almost felt bad. Almost.
  • The gym went very weird this morning - those of you in Kansas City know we are in the middle of a rain/ice/sleet/snow storm right now. As I headed out to the gym, I realized the roads were getting bad, but thought we would just run to the gym for a quick trip. As I pulled into the parking lot, I realized I did not even have an ice scraper in the car for the inevitable sheet of ice awaiting us when we would be done. We go into the nursery and it becomes quickly evident they are short-staffed because of the weather - the gal in charge had one crying kid in her arms and another clinging to her legs. Of course, as I was signing in, Arun started crying and I realized this was going nowhere FAST. However, while my workout was a Lost Cause, the trip overall was not. I ended up hanging out in the kid's gym with Arun while he ran around, tried to climb the slides and threw basketballs around. So, I didn't get in a workout, but Arun is definitely getting used to the gym. However, he was NOT happy when we left the gym.
  • Speaking of "not happy", Arun is getting teeth #5 and #6. My friend S and I have a long-standing joke where I have been saying that Arun is "teething" since he was six months old and all we have to show for it is a total of four teeth. Well, this time he is really teething because I see ACTUAL choppers emerging on his gum line. Take THAT, S! Anyway, it hasn't been that bad, but I do feel sorry for him because he isn't napping or sleeping at night that well. Poor kid.
  • Anyway, happy de-lurking week. I am still visiting your sites and trying to comment myself. Have a good weekend! I am going to my Wino Book Club tomorrow. A book club that has consistently had at least one pregnant member since the 2nd meeting. This time around, we have THREE pregnant members. It must be all that wine.


The Hunter's Prize said...

Delurking! I live in Colorado so we are getting nasty sleet and snow too. Snowstorms seem to be the weekend trend lately.

Allison said...

We just moved away from the Wichita area for graduate school and I was born in KC, so I love reading your Kansas posts!

meno said...

i am jealous of your wino book club. And since there are 3 of you pregnant, there would be plenty of wine for me.

EEK! said...

I don't consider myself a lurker as much as a selective commenter? But I wish I had you as a buddy when I had to drive from Louisville to Nebraska last summer. Because Kansas City both beckoned (urrrrban area!) and frightened (Heartland! if you don't know where you're going, don't get off the highway!), so it woulda been cool to meet up, for lunch or coffees, with a nifty local. So let's take a raincheck. :)

scribbit said...

Thanks for the mention, good luck!

Goofy Girl said...

Hey, thanks for the heads-up on the Kohl's $5 goodies. I'll have to slide over there tomorrow and get some Boynton goodness.

Also, there are technically FOUR Wino Book Club members that are "expecting". Remember, I'm pregnant-on-paper. :-) More wine for me!

Lisa said...

Your gym sounds WAY better than the one I used to go too. Its pretty bad when you find out the childcare person at your gym is actually in trouble with DCFS!

Hope you are all staying warm and safe!

Anonymous said...

I'm delurking! We have had strange weather here too.

Cagey said...

Hunter's Prize,
Yikes - it was one of those weekends. At least we weren't starting off when several feet like you guys.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you know that I make fun of Kansas City with only the purest of intentions.

Start one yourself! All it takes is a group of friends who enjoy books and wine.

If you are ever happening by again, I would love to meet you for coffee or a meal. There are several cool places that would be near your route.


Goofy Girl,
Ah, of course you are expecting, too! I was just pointing out the irony of the ones who really can't drink. You'll just have to drink enough for all of us. ;-)

I really love that our gym is so family oriented. But there are all sorts of folks there, so it's a nice place towork out. There is something for everyone.

Hey you! Haven't heard from you in awhile!