January 23, 2007

Why is there an expiration date on sour cream?

I was a little dismayed at myself for writing an entire post on the tragedy that is my wardrobe. I briefly considered deleting it but that is a wussy thing to do for a post that wasn't going to do anything except reveal my shallowness for what it really is. This morning, I had a few precious minutes to myself on the toilet which of course, usually leads to some Deep Thoughts. In a flash of genius that Toilet Contemplation often provides, I realized why I wrote it. Quite simply, it was good old-fashioned guilt. I am not a clothes horse and it makes me feel bad to be "wasting" money on clothes with a 6 month expiration date. However, I thought about it in a new light - this purchase is not going to break our budget and I haven't bought any new clothes since last July so I need to get over myself already. Also, my friend's clothes will probably fit me for the warmer months, so I should be good to go come April and beyond. Finally, there is still incentive to be financially reasonable about it so I can fit in a hangbag purchase.

Anyway, today's theme is Sweet n' Sour.

Confession time, Innernets. I wish I could act all harried and busy to use that as an excuse why I am drowning in Things That Needed to Be Done Yesterday. The truth? I use most of my Arun Free Time on the Internet, watching TV/Knitting and reading the bazillion books lining my nightstand. Furthermore, my free time has dwindled to that brief interlude known as Afternoon Nap and then a few hours after I put Arun to bed. Some nights, I put Arun to bed at 8:00pm, then head off to bed myself to read for awhile before turning out the light by 9:30pm. That's not a typo. I am really, really tired with this pregnancy. However, I am thankful that at least I don't have the work-related tension courtesy of Not So Supervisor from the Fed such as when I was carrying Arun. Bleh. I'll gratefully take "Sapped Over Stressed" for $500, Alex.

Anyway, one of the reasons that I am not getting much done these days is that Arun is so much fun to play with that well, that's exactly what I've been doing. He's constantly trying to figure out how things work - watching his little caterpillar eyebrows furrow in concentration is too cute (early mechanical engineering, no?). He's into stacking things and in particular, it's entertaining to watch him try to stack balls AND blocks together (early physics, no?). We're also learning body parts - it's too sweet that I have to save the ears for last because the boy LOVES his ears and gets easily distracted (early human physiology, no?). And my heart sings every single time he brings a book for me to read (early library science, no?) So, yeah. Watching your toddler get fascinated with the fact that you BOTH are in possession of bellybuttons is beyond compare. It places navel-gazing to a whole new level.

I finally understand the old pregnancy joke about pickles. Folks, it's not really the pickles that are the craving, it's the SOUR. So, yeah - I've been craving American pickles, Indian pickles (especially mango achar, but lime will do), lemonade (or it's little known Mexican amigo, el lemoñadé) and manchego - a Spanish cheese with a sour yet nutty aftertaste. My most recent Coup d'état on All Things Sour has been the discovery of a snack bar inside a local Indian grocer that sells pani puri. To go. So that I can make a mockery of my piggish self inside the sweet, sweet privacy of my home. I may have swooned. But you'll never prove it.


Wordnerd said...

Gosh, I remember those days. The cravings -- and you're right -- it's the sour, or the sweet, or the whatever! Mine was texture.

Cagey said...

Yes, texture is a craving, too! I've had some really strong hankerings for Cameo apples this time around. The crunchy sour-sweet taste totally hits the spot. Add a few slices of gouda or manchego and OH MY.

Still, no witnesses of swooning. Or at least ones that can TALK, that is.

flybunny said...

With my second pregnancy I craved all things sour and the more sour the better. For a treat I would get the sour warheads but I tried one after I had her and about gagged - what is it about the hormones that we can eat certain foods???

Jenn said...

Sourish - Granny Smith Apples!
Sweet - well, Icecream OF COURSE!!

Rozanne said...


Pani puri!!!! I love it so much and it's not easy to find in Portland.

Leo (3under5) said...

Cagey - I popped over here from ALOTT5MA. Your 'deep thoughts on the toilet moment' line made me laugh out loud. I think what I miss most about working at an office full of adults is the semi-private time to pee.