January 17, 2007

How come we say 'It's colder than hell outside' when isn't it realistically always colder than hell since hell is supposed to be fire and brimstone?

Breaking News, Hot Off the Press: I mentioned earlier that we are having our carpets steam cleaned tomorrow which means I need to move things around. As I was furiously rearranging things, I just knocked a entire glass of juice off the coffee table. A glass of RED juice, of course.

Updated to add, because I love me some updates in that
"doesn't it sound like IMPORTANT things are going on around here?" vein: Lest you think I am Heavy Duty Mama here, I am only moving the LIVING ROOM furniture. The rest of the house will remain as is save for small items such as end tables, chairs, baby grand pianos, etc. Also, I've learned this morning that you will gladly let your Dawdler rip tissues into teeny, tiny scraps in a grateful exchange for just a few precious, precious minutes of PEACE. In crystal clear hindsight, not going anywhere this morning was a colossal mistake. For sure, we will be risking frostbite and gangrene tomorrow morning.

Cold weather is manageable. If it is at least 40 degrees out, we bundle up and at a minimum, walk around in the front yard. However, the weather as of late is NOT manageable - it's bitter cold and just too damned frigid to go outside for long. This morning, as I schlepped the garbage and recycling from the garage to the curb, that short trek was enough to convince that we would stay home for at least the morning. We've already played upstairs, downstairs and are now in the dining room. The scary basement is beckoning and I suspect we'll be down there shortly.

So, my "Wow! He's so TINY!" Dawdler is officially in size 4 diapers. I spied some Baby Butt Crack yesterday and frankly, that shit just don't fly around these here parts. The only butt crack allowed in our house is that of a highly paid handyman or plumber. No babies need apply.

Bah. I get my carpets steam-cleaned tomorrow, yet scheduled the appointment not realizing that X would be out of town, which means I get to move all the furniture by myself! Because I'm smart like that. Also, I've been woefully neglectful of my Real Life Friends as evidenced by my friend Carrie telling me the other day to just send her a "damn email already". Ouch. Here I am all wrapped up in my imaginary world while ignoring friends with heartbeats. Point taken. Also, Arun keeps shoving books in my face which I can only guess indicates that he would like me to actually spend time with him. Good grief, does he think I stayed home for him? Geez, needy people piss me off sometimes.

This may be the last post this week, save for a book review that I need to get out. Rest assured that all is going well and my fascinating life is verily sizzling in drama and suspense. After all, I live in a Kansas City suburb.


Jenn said...

I always love your posts with the extra long titles. LOL

I couldn't comment on yesterday's post for some reason, so I'll leave it here:

If you figure out that sign, or maybe one for "It's not funny when you hit the cat over the head with a book, and it'll be less funny when he scratches the hell out of your cute little face" You just let me know, k?

MLE said...

It's been so cold here in Denver, and I hate cabin fever. I've lived here four years and this is the coldest winter by far. We still have snow on the ground from the big blizzard back in mid-December, and snow NEVER stays around that long in Denver.

I can't imagine how much more annoying it would be to be stuck inside trying to entertain a kid. I can hardly even entertain myself when I *know* going outside isn't an option.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I think it's so cool he's already bugging you for reading books.

I'm somewhat trepidatious to say this because I don't want to annoy you...but he always looked perfectly normal sized to me. Not tiny at all. In fact, from the scale of the pics, he's the same size as my Bro's niece (a cousin-niece, he's an only child), who is 3 months older than him. Maybe it's just the scale of the pictures...but from over here? He looks healthy and his eyes have the same snarky gleam yours do.

My sisters and I were barely 6 lbs when we were born. That's considered pretty small now, isn't it? It's a pretty average size for most Indian kids, it seems, because all my cousins and I were the same size at birth and some of us are now 6 feet tall.

I hate to bring up the ethnic thing but certain ethnicities hit their growth stride a little later OR are finer boned to begin with. For instance, on a lot of the adoption-from-China blogs I've read, the kids test low on weight for the American birth charts but are completely, normal healthy weights for the Chinese weight charts parents are encouraged to use.

You've combined 2 cultures with magnificent results (IMO), he's not going to follow the pattern for every white kid, nor for every Indian kid so Restaurant Lady not only is being rude, but may also be comparing apples and oranges.