January 19, 2007

If an atheist has to go to court, do they make him swear on the Bible?

Regarding Grey's Anatomy, I was disappointed that Mrs. CPA had spoiled some of the 2nd season for me, but then Md. Macaca aptly pointed out that I spoiled the 1st season for HER. Oops! Sorry about that - I guess since I am so behind and it was only a 9 episode season, I didn't even think twice about revealing some plot twists. Again, with the "Oops!". Bad me.

Regarding HFCS, Goofy Girl beat me to the punch and responded to Average Jane's comment regarding not being able to find bread without HFCS. We also use Pepperidge Farm's Whole Grains bread which does not use HFCS. We get the 15 grain hearty texture one and it is YUMMY. As Goofy Girl has seen, I've also noticed that for whatever reason, it lasts FOREVER. Also, I wish I could say we totally avoid HFCS, but we don't. I do like an occasional Coke, for example. However, I do try to avoid it whenever possible particuarly, if there are alternatives. This is why I pretty much will only buy Stonyfield Yogurt, it is the ONLY yogurt I have found that does not use HFCS.

Regarding Stephen Colbert, I watched him on the O'Reilly factor this morning via DVR and CRIED with laughter. Fortunately, I hadn't done my eye makeup yet. I haven't watched O'Reilly on the Colbert Report yet, but I expect it will be just as entertaining.

Regarding Shawn Hornbeck, the boy recently rescued in Kirkwood MO after having been missing for over 4 years, I watched the Oprah interview yesterday and was VERY disturbed by the interview itself. I did not see any redeeming qualities from that interview and am still questioning the purpose of it other than pure sensationalism. I was going to just stop watching because I felt DIRTY watching it, but realized that I did want to comment on it here and to be fair, should watch it in case I missed A Point or something. I failed to ever discover A Point, though. Did I miss it? Did you see it? There was a quality to the interview that insinuated the public "had a right to know" what was going on - I found that disturbing. Particularly, since this is a criminal case and all the facts are still yet to be revealed to a JURY in a court of LAW. I meant, no doubt, the kidnapper is guilty, but I still think things are best left for trial purposes

Regarding Consumers Reports' article on infant seats - it appears that Consumer Reports is withdrawing that article, it turns out the MPH that was tested was closer to 70 MPH. If I notice anything more about it, I will be sure to link to it here.

Regarding Me, I noticed today that I am a big fat liar. People keep asking me how I feel and I cheerily reply "Okay!". Truthfully? I haven't felt 100% since last OCTOBER. Sure, the nausea has passed, but now I am dealing with headaches every fucking day. It's starting to wear on me and my patience is Nicole Ritchie Thin, as Dorothy probably noticed today at lunch. Why do I lie? I guess I am tired of even my own damned grousing at this point, so it is easier to lie.

Regarding First Words, it appears we have Arun's First Word: More. He pronounces it more like "Maawrr" and has a special head tilt that accompanies his delivery, but yeah, it's there.

Regarding Cats and Kids, this morning, I was in the kitchen and heard Arun excitedly jabbering and laughing. I look over at him and notice our cat Harry is on the coffee table and is casually EATING FROM ARUN'S PLATE. I thought this was odd because Harry doesn't usually eat People Food. I go over there to shoo him off the table and notice there are a few bits of cat food on Arun's plate. Now, I am sure that Harry didn't scoop up some kibble in his paws and put them there. Do you?

Okay, I am going away now. I promise.


Mrs. CPA said...

I was trying to strike a balance between let me tell you something about the show so you stay hooked and how much can I tell you without you getting too mad over the spoilage.

I'm sorry you felt too spoiled. But! There are about 400 other good things that happen that are gasp worthy and you don't know when any of it is coming!

And I guess I feel like it's my own personal failure if you don't like the same shows I like even though I have no vested interest in the TV you watch, well, because I'm weird.

meno said...

Mmmm, cat kibble. It's crunchy goodness.

I wish you had taken a picture.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I'm suprised that his parents let him on to do that interview.

Remember in the 80s there was a TV movie made about this exact same situation? It was called "I know my name's not Joey" or something. That kid has a lot to deal with let alone justify whatever and this and that to Oprah viewers on national tv.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

oooh, regarding Arun's first word...awesome!! Management got tired of saying "eh" huh?

Lisa said...

I didn't get to see the Oprah interview but my hubby and I were talking about it. If you have just reunited with your son after 4 years of being apart, wouldn't you rather spend some time in private get to know each other again instead of jumping on every news show out there.

The kid has been through hell and Oprah asks the the parents if they think he's been sexually abused... And the parents say "yes."

Did they even think about HIS feelings? Do you really think your 15 year old son wants the entire world to know he's been sexually abused?

Now I feel even WORSE for that kid. It makes me so angry for him.

Ok. Sorry. I'm off the soap box now.

But Arun's first word is PRECIOUS.

BlogWhore said...

first time here..

very refreshing post.

honeybecke said...

Hi Cagey,
I am with you on the pregnancy headaches. They remind me of a caffeine withdrawl headache. It just pulses all damn day long.


I talked with my babydoc about these headaches during my first pregnancy and she prescribed (read: insurance PAYS FOR IT) prenatal massage thereapy. It totally helps!! I go every two weeks and I notice quite a difference in the frequency of the headaches.
Girl, you gotta talk to your doctor and let her/him know you need massage therapy for these bitchy headaches!

Blondie said...

This whole post cracked me up. Love it. And yes, I agree, going on Oprah is STUPID when the facts aren't in. Didn't see it but was curious--good to know nothing redeeming came out of it.

The other day the writer for my project called me at work to discuss some edits. She asked how my weekend was and I said, "Horrible." She said, "Well, two points for honesty."