January 22, 2007

Pregnant women need new handbags, don't they?

So, I dug out some maternity clothes and am wearing a shirt today - I can still fit into my pants easily, but the shirts were Very Necessary, as evidenced by the following conversation:

Me: Look! I'm wearing a maternity shirt!
X: Yes, that's better. Now you look pregnant instead of fat.

Now, lest you think that X is a Callous Cad, actually he's not, which is why I thought the whole exchange was funny and is precisely why I laughed when he said it. You see, he had a point. I have a strict policy that while pregnant, I will not look fat. I have a friend who would not buy maternity clothes stating instead that "bigger plus-size clothes" were sufficient and cheaper. I couldn't disagree with her MORE. Maternity clothes are not necessarily more expensive, it's just a pain to have to buy a sparkly new wardrobe that you know you are only wearing temporarily. Furthermore, a pregnant shape is different than just a "bigger" size and the clothes are cut very differently. Hence, the reason for X's comment. My normal clothes weren't too tight, they just aren't cut right for me as my stomach is growing.

I'm in a bit of a maternity wardrobe quandary, though. I lent my clothes to a friend and I did get those back. However, my cousin's wife had given me some clothes, I passed those to my sister and she lent those to a pregnant friend of hers . Not only YET AGAIN, does my sister have nothing to lend me, I am now missing part of the wardrobe I wore last time including my VERY FAVORITE MATERNITY SHIRT. I can't tell you how upset I am about this - furthermore, it is my sister's friend's 2nd pregnancy. So, of course, the Snippity, Bitchy side of me (is there even another?) is asking "Didn't she already have clothes?"

In short, all this indicates that I will have to buy MORE clothes. That and the fact that save for 3 shirts, I verily Fear and Loathe the rest of the shirts from the original set I purchased myself. Argh.

Yes, a friend has lent me some clothes, but I am not certain if they will be my size and the few that I can wear now are of the "wash cold, lay flat to dry" variety. Um, I just don't do "lay flat to dry" unless it is a special occasion outfit. So, I am too paranoid to wear her clothes for fear I will forget and throw them in the dryer by accident. Anyway, off to buy more clothes I go, probably tomorrow. I hate clothes shopping. Bah.

Okay, no more grousing. Besides, X didn't blink an eye when I said I was buying more clothes, so I guess I don't have much to gripe about anyway.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I laughed out loud at that exchange. Only because I could TOTALLY hear my brother saying the same thing to my sister.

You need to give us the snarkdown on maternity brands. I've heard Liz Lange is semi-monstrous, semi-awesome. T/F?

I'm definitely writing to you tonight so expect an email!!

Cagey said...

Yeah, I should have emphasized how FUNNY the exchange was because he meant it to be a compliment. X is SO not the type to comment on weight gain and he never, ever makes negative comments as to my appearance. Which is precisely why I had to marry him, of course.

alimomof2 said...

Old Navy online - look for their sales. Inexpensive and mostly cute stuff. Can't beat $5 shipping (or free if you have an ON card and purchase over $50). Plus, you don't have to leave the house!

P.S. beacause I learn from this site (not being snarky, I really do) I asked my hubby to buy some Pep. Farm bread when he took the boys to the store Sun. The 7 grain and sourdough he brought home both had HFCS. As does all the Brownberry I had been purchasing.

Rozanne said...

I, too, hate any "lay flat to dry" garment.

What a drag.

Good luck with the clothes shopping. I hate that, too.

I'm full of hate today, apparently.

Shalini said...

I must admit, I actually love to shop for clothes. And handbags? Yes, you get a new one and get one for me too.

And I agree wholeheartedly on the need for maternity clothes. The cut really makes a huge (ha ha, get it?) difference!

Cagey said...

Good point! The other "flavors" of Pepperidge Farm may have the HFCS. I buy the Pepperidge Farm Whole Grains, 15 Grain (Hearty Texture).

I don't mind "flat to dry" for special outfits, but not for something that I plan on wearing on a weekly basis. Bleh.

meno said...

I try to not buy anything that needs special cleaning. I will either forget and ruin it, or i will put it in the special clothes pile, and there it will remain.

You so need a new purse, and shoes.

flybunny said...

I was rather surprised at how much maternity clothes had changed in the past 10 years (OMG, it still freaks me out to think there will be a 10 yr spread between my kids).

I had none left and my not so nice SIL informed me she had sold all of hers after her last pregnancy 2 yrs ago which leads me to believe she is lying since she is actively trying to get pregnant.

I wish I was further along and could give you mine although to date I have only bought 3 shirts and 2 pr pants but I am rapidly expanding so will have to do more shopping this weekend.....sigh!

Cagey said...

I like having new clothes, don't get me wrong. I just hate the "process". Bleh. And seriously, the cut of maternity wear does make a HUGE difference!

I need a new purse, I'm going to attempt to go to Vegas in March, there is a Coach outlet in Vegas and, AND my birthday is in April. Coincidence? I think not.

Oh, girlfriend - we are so in the same boat right now. I knew you would understand.

Brit said...

dude I made that mistake the first time..bigger=cheaper and fine...then second pregnancy I was all...I want pretty clothes! And clothes that fit...we get schmart..sometimes.

Diana said...

I SO hear you. I was dismayed to have to buy an entirely new pregnancy wardrobe for my 2nd. I'd given all my clothes to my friend in Portland, who had her baby just as I left. She was going to send them on but never got around to it. It just rankled me to have to buy clothes to wear for 6 months.

If something can't be run through the washer and dryer, it won't survive in my house.

Jenn said...

I feel that it is very important to feel good while pregnant. And if that means buying clothes that fit you well, then fine! Temporary or not. This is not a time to suck it up, your hormones are going crazy and there is NO need to feel yuky about yourself.

Have fun shoping, hope you find a NEW favorite preggo shirt!

Dee said...

You definitely deserve some new clothes (and a handbag!). If I get pregnant again (which I'm hoping will happen soon) I plan to buy myself some new stuff. I can't stand most of the maternity clothes I wore the last time around. Plus, I keep seeing really cute maternity clothes when I'm out shopping and I really want a reason to have to buy them.

Lainey-Paney said...

I was way too short for Liz Lange stuff.
Loved OldNavy maternity stuff....especially the stuff I could get on Clearance.