January 8, 2007

Do Numbers Count?

Updated to say: Okay, ya'll - I'll play. In honor of De-Lurking Week, I will promise to answer every comment left this week (in honor of Rozanne and Diana, who are faithful in their Comment Replies). Also, for new commenters that I haven't visited before, I will make a special effort to visit their sites this week. I attempt to do this anyway, but sometimes get distracted by toddlers and their personal issues with errant blueberries.

So, apparently it's de-lurking week. Normally, I am totally Bandwagon Girl when it comes to such things, but frankly, I am tired. I've hit the No Appetite part of my pregnancy which makes Project Feed the Fetus stressful when all you really feel like eating are apples, beans, chips/salsa and lemonade. And sushi, I swear to God. Might as well crave a shot of tequila with a beer chaser for all the good in the world THAT particular craving garners me. sigh

AnyWAY, I am never quite sure how to take the whole "lack of comments" thing. The Geeky 8th Grader Who Still Dwells Deep in My Heart (just before she got her first pair of contacts) rears her shellacked 80s hairdo and starts with The Questions: Is it me? Is it you? What did I do? What did I NOT do? What could I have done? Sniff. Fortunately, The Self-Confident Adult in Her 30s quickly pummels the 8th Grader back into submission. I can't chew on it for long because There Is No Point and besides, Naptime is almost over. I like to blog and therefore, I am. I guess. I do find it interesting that as my numbers have gone up, up, up, comments have stayed about the same. Anyway, I cherish every comment I get - regardless if it is a few or even a handful. So, comment if you want, but no pressure. Lurk amongst yourselves.

In other news, apparently, I am pregnant because a few times I've felt something moving around, making HimselfHerself comfortable in HisHer rent-controlled flat. tap....tap.....tap.... HeShe better not be hanging pictures otherwise, the deposit will most assuredly NOT be returned. Bring on the Billy Eliot moves - I'm ready. Hold on......Let me dig up some more hot salsa and lemonade.

In other, other news, Arun can identify his nose, his foot and his tummy. Genius. Just goes to show you what happens when a University of Kansas grad and an IIT-Madras grad co-mingle their genetic matter. YOU NEVER KNOW.

In other, other, other news, Arun is definitely paying attention to the moving pictures on the funny screen thingie on the wall. The other day, Elmo had a segment on balls. Later that morning, I noticed that Arun was throwing and bouncing his balls around - he must have learned that from the Great Red One because when you have a fancy screen thingie on the wall you do not, I repeat, DO NOT teach your kid to throw around and bounce ANYTHING around except ideas. So, it would seem that my free time watching TV is definitely coming to an end if Arun is going to finally start paying attention. Otherwise, with my unfortunate luck, he'll move on to investigating crime scenes, evaluating our antiques, setting up wiretaps, reading minds, fighting terrorists and ultimately, flipping our house.

There's a fine line between Purple Barney and Legen....Wait for it....Wait for it....DARY Barney that Arun doesn't need to be learning just yet.


Asha said...

ok, so I'll de-lurk :)

I can't remember how I found your blog, but I've been lurking off and on for a few months. My DH is also Indian (born and raised in B'lore, but north-indian, Sindhi). We moved to Denver from the Bay Area in 2005, and we don't encounter very many couples with our background out here, so your blog is a kind of indo-american mix fix for me.

I'm also pregnant, 14w6d, so it sounds like we are due around the same time.

Geesh, what a boring comment this is turning out to be! Oh, now I remember what I wanted to comment on - - the language thing. I do the exact same thing you describe (reading stuff, listening to foreign languages I can't understand/don't speak). I love love love language. I speak some spanish and hindi, and can read some french (I even read shampoo/beauty product stuff in foreign languages). It's such a weird habit. I also like trying to figure out where people are from and .. and totally agree with being able to glean a lot from context even if you don't fully understand the language. I've never met anyone else with this odd habit!

Heza Hekele said...

I'll break the silence. I am a lurker, but trying to become less of one (by occasionally commenting here and there). I have enjoyed reading your blog for over a year. It's one of my fave's!

Leah said...

I'm the same way - what are all these people doing if they're not interested enough to comment? But honestly, with yours and a few other - I actually will sometimes try to comment, have issues with the word verification, yell at the computer, then give up on the comment. :) I try to comment, but am stymied by the word verification combined with my laziness.

meno said...

I am curious about who designated this national delurking week.

I haven't been lurking, so no need to de-lurk here.

"I blog, therefore i am" is a great sentiment.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Blogger actually won't LET me comment on Haloscan 1/2 the time. Eventually I just get frustrated and stop pressing the "publish your comment" button. I've thought about emailing you whatever I would have commented upon but I don't know that you want to hear from me that frequently!!

People commenting on my site has dropped off too but I don't really care. The site metre shows that most people are still reading. I do think that I will have to password protect the blog soon so that it can get back on track. The sucky thing about typepad is that I can't lock down certain posts but knowing me most of my posts would end up locked down, anyway.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Incidentally, this was a really funny post...it seems like the "I puke on you and you and you" part of the pregnancy is drawing to a close and your natural sass is rising up?

Kelly Sime said...

i've been lurking for a while. keep up the good work.

Stephanie said...

I'm de-lurking right back! I just found you a couple of weeks ago, so if you see someone slowly stalking their way through your archives, it's probably me. (Work is slow these days... )

Cheryl said...

Oh, I think it's high time Arun onsie-suited up and learned of the magnificence that is Barney. I mean, jeez, you're depriving him of learning the rules of slap bet. And that, my friend, is crucial.

Erin said...

I have commented a couple of times. I am also getting out of the pukey pregnancy part and getting into the non-stop hunger, but nothing sounds good part. Yay. Hormones rule, don't they? :)

Emily has also been learning how to identify her parts. She's getting pretty good at it.

Blondie said...

Have you ever tried that trick where you put a flashlight to your belly to see if they tap you or move? I had a preggers friend do that once and the baby responded quite a bit...

Bethany said...

I love your blog. Arun is adorable & I hope you start feeling normal with this pregnancy. Don't feel like you have to answer this if the toddler & blueberries collide!

Cagey said...

I have encountered many Indo-American couples here, either. I'll definitely checking out your site. I'm 14w2d, my due date is 7/6, so yes - we are pretty close!

Heza Hekele,
thanks for commenting! I'll be checking you out. Not that there's anything wrong with that, eh?

I read many blogs I don't comment on simply because sometimes I don't feel as if I am part of the conversation - like I would be interrupting. I also suspect a lot of people just don't have the time to comment.

A site called Paper Napkin started this de-lurking thing. Yes, a blog is a nice way to make your own "stamp" on the world.

Yes, I am feeling better. X can probably attest to my Sass returning to its former glory.

Kelly Sime,
Hey - thanks for commenting. I'll be checking you out.

Better you than my mother stalking my archives!

Actually, the sitcoms are pretty inocuous (sp?) for toddler viewing - he's still not really paying attention, anyway.

Seriously - thanks for piping up. I was wondering if I was crazy. I am SO HUNGRY, but nothing sounds very good, then I don't eat, so then I feel sick from hunger. Can't win.

Arun was such a jumpy baby in utero, I never had to do the flashlight trick. It's still too early for NewKid, but we'll see - I may have to resort to that trick.

Cagey said...

I also see you are on an anthropology site! Anthropology has always been one of my side hobbies and Margaret Mead was one of my heroes when I was a child. I was absolutely fascinated with her and always thought she had the neatest "job" ever.

whatthef*ck said...

i am with you on the sushi. i swear i'd kill a grown man with my bare hands for some maguro and a spicy scallop roll (mayo-based with watercress). my ex-doc #2 said there is no research to support teh dangers of sushi and her japanese colleagues think it is ridiculous but after three dead babies i just can't go there. i'll be having sushi in the hospital, that's for damn sure!

callistawolf said...

Wow, look at you with all your comments! I've got comment jealousy here. ;) I read often, post never so in honor of the De-Lurking... here I am.

Fwiw, I've got a geeky 8th grader living under my skin too. She's such a whiner.

bloggedissue said...

I have just started de-lurking around the place...

and seriously don't worry about the lack of comments - you're getting more than me. ha ha ha

Diana said...

It will often make me smile wryly how some posts will garner many (for me) comments and others, that I think are more comment worthy get a mere smattering. I think it's as much to do with where our blogging friends are in their days/weeks/lives as the content of the post itself.

Thanks for the head's up. I didn't know it was de-lurking week. It's always fun to see who'll come forward and say, "Hi". You meet the nicest people.

bethiclaus said...


Anonymous said...

The sushi cravings! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Funny, because when I'm not pregnant I like sushi, but I don't dream about it like now.

I'm a regular reader, but only really comment when I feel I have something to add to the "conversation".


BRash said...

I click you every day, never commented. I found you through Amalah. Like the 1st comment I read you to see another white/brown couple & baby. I'm married to a Pakistani with a 9 week old baby. I was fascinated with your flikrage when I was pregnant because there's almost no where else to see what our half-breed babies will look like. Also I live in Sterling so I feel like we're almost-neighbors. I also hope you'll one day write about you brush with a Pakistani when you were in college (I think).

dorothy said...

Wow - look at all these people! It's like walking into your house only to find a surprise party waiting, eh?

Cagey said...

Actually, feeling so sick felt normal in an odd, comforting way. I mean, not that I want to go BACK to feeling sick, that is.

I've been wanthing anything with crab and the salmon sashimi- fortunately, I can take care of those yearnings with crab legs and cooked salmon, but it's not the same. I am with you, it's probably not worth the risk.

I know it's hard to comment sometimes - so many blogs to read! My 8th Grader whiny AND sorta bitchy. She's immature like that, I guess.

Overall, the lack of comments don't bother me. It does make me appreciate every comment I do get and it's nice to have Sitemeter show that SOMEONE is listening, even when the crickets are chirping. ;-)

Hey, you!

I'm with you - I try to only comment if I have something to add. Sometimes, it would feel like interrupting, so I'd rather not say anything at all in those cases.

I have known lots of demi-desis - it cracked me up when people would make comments that our baby would look just like X because I knew that would not necessarily be the case. Arun actually looks a lot like ME, it just wasn't apparent when he was first born because his eyes and browline are his dad's. Most of the demi-desis I have known are a mix between their parents and are usually the coloring of Arun with a stellar ability to tan. Norah Jones and that Raj guy from the Apprentice are both demi-desis - did you know that?

It's pretty exciting! But better than a surprise party because I wouldn't have to worry about my toilets being scrubbed.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Norah Jones is one of the most beautiful musicians out there, to boot. Seriously, the girl is STUNNING.

aibee said...

I'd de-lurk if I lurked, but I don't so I can't. Bummer.


Cagey said...

Yes - she is just beautiful. And she doesn't seem to KNOW it, which makes her all the more gorgeous.

I know, you just can't keep your trap shut, eh? ;-)

MLE said...

Hi Cagey!

You read the blogs of my IRL friends (Monkey, QIR, EEK). I've commented a few times (mostly on the gorgeosity of your kid).

I think that kids of more than one ethnic background are generally the most beautiful. All the ones I know as adults are totally beautiful as well.

Frema said...

I pop in every once and a while. Happy De-Lurking Week!

BRash said...

I didn't know about Norah Jones and I just looked her up - she's Ravi Shankar's daughter! Wow, ya learn something new everyday.

Cagey said...

Yeah, I think mixed kids are pretty cute, but again, with the prejudices I have. ;-)

Hey - I remember you! ;-)

Yep, Ravi Shankar's daughter. However, she has been pretty frank that there isn't much a relationship there. Ravi was quite the ladies man in his day.

Colleen said...

I must admit that this is my first time here, so I'm technically not a lurker, rather a first time visitor. I read your witty comments on Diana's blog, but for some reason haven't checked you out before. I like what I see (read), so I'll definitely be back! Your son is adorable! Come visit me sometime!

Mojavi said...

I used to comment on all the blogs I read. But mommyhood has rendered me lazy..... i lost most of my readers when I was puking for 6 months during my pregnancy... so happy de-lurking week... who came up with that one anyway :)

FFF said...

Hi! I read everything you write, just don't always comment and sometimes I have to read too entries at once. I love your quick paced, witty entries. Arun is adorable! Happy De-Lurking week!

Cagey said...

Thanks for commenting - I will definitely be checking out your digs as well.

The gal over at Paper Napkin came up with it!

Too many blogs, too little time. :-( It's hard to comment everywhere you visit, I know all to o well.