August 25, 2005

Which little piggy went to market?

I have had a Flickr account for ages, but hadn't actually fiddled with it. I really feel sorry for the Freeloader. As much as I love taking pictures of the cats (the camera doesn't even phase them at this point), imagine how much I will love taking pictures of my own little guy.

Anyway, I am off to the Leavenworth Grandma's house for the day tomorrow. I have to leave at the crack-ass of dawn to make it there because we must be IN LINE at the tea room for lunch BEFORE 11:00am. You know, to beat the CROWD beating at the doors. I AM taking my camera with me. Maybe I can get a pic of the madness that is her house. She likens her decorating taste to "Early Attic". I liken it to "Southwest Flea Market". In the meantime, enjoy my inaugural post with Flickr.

Plastic Pig
Here Piggy, Piggy,
originally uploaded by Cagey333.
This is why I don't go to my Olathe Grandma's house and instead, prefer to meet her in restaurants. It prevents her from foisting crap like this onto me. The last time I popped by her house, she hands this to me and says "here, you said you wanted this once". Good grief! How OLD WAS I when I said I wanted it? Like, 2 years old? Was I really stringing together complete sentences when I expressed my desire for this piece of piggy plastic from the 50s? Maybe I should start pointing at her car and television to see what else I can "score".

The Big Boppy
The Big Boppy,
originally uploaded by Cagey333.
Do you think this furry little menace is going to be a tad upset when she realizes the boppy is not really intended for her new sleeping quarters? You think?

The Monster
The Monster,
originally uploaded by Cagey333.
A Revolution is coming, my little orange friend. Your days as Ruler Divine are numbered. Hello? Are you listening??

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