August 10, 2005

Have you had enough to eat?

Oof. They warn you, but it still doesn’t help. I have been reading for months now how as the little Freeloader gets bigger, he will start cramping my eating style. Meaning, he will start pushing into my stomach, thus decreasing the amount I can eat at a time. I either can’t eat enough, so I am starving or conversely, I eat too much and feel nauseous. Now, every day is a crap shoot as to whether I can eat the right thing, at the right time, in the right amounts. The house won that roll of the dice yesterday when I started off on the wrong foot and never caught up. It was a long day. I thought I was getting better at this Food Fight, but yesterday was a major set back. So, I ended up taking a “sick day” from my regular duties as Trophy Wife and Purveyor of Food.

In other news, I had a doctor’s appointment on Friday and I have only gained 15 pounds so far. Now, keep in mind that I was already overweight, so I wanted to keep my weight gain to a minimum. This means I am on track for keeping my gain to a total of 20-25 pounds and I am very happy about this. While I am certainly not weight obsessed (I only started keeping track about 3 appointments ago), I have tried to be somewhat conscientious in what I eat. Personally, I think I deserve a medal - after all, I only live 5 minutes from Sheridan’s Frozen Custard .

Not much else has happened this week so far, unless you want to hear how I found the perfect set of wheels for my kid. Baby Stroller Research 2005 was an astounding success and the kid’s life is complete. He will be the coolest baby at the zoo next summer.

In furniture news, we received the dresser and the living room set. I cannot believe we lived without a couch for 2 weeks. Frankly, it was miserable towards the end . I could barely sit for 30-45 minutes at a time on the carpet and even then getting up was a feat of strength and endurance which required a minute or so of hunchbacked tiptoeing while my spine worked out the kinks. Anyway, the only furniture left to receive is the crib and I am not stressed about that since we will be doing a bassinett in our room for the first 4-5 months anyway. I considered co-sleeping*, but I don’t know where we would fit the Freeloader - with X, myself, pillows, and the cats, the little guy would be stuck sleeping at our feet. And that just didn’t seem right. So, a bassinett it will be.

Last night, I picked myself off of the couch long enough to attend a breastfeeding class. I was STUNNED to find that out of 25 people attending the class, 20 of them were COUPLES. I can understand why men attend the childbirthing class since there is an active role in that for them as "armchair coaches", but breastfeeding? I never in a million years would expect X to attend something like that. Anyway, it was disconcerting to have all these strange guys around while the instructor is throwing a fake breast around. Weird. The class was VERY useful, though, so it was worth it. Ålso, during the class I did discover something. I am probably not as sick from the Freeloader as much as I am sick from a freakin' COLD. In AUGUST. I guess I shouldn't be inordinately surprised considering I have my own personal Typhoid X running in and out of of the house after having been all over the country throughout the week. Anyway, during the class last night, I noticed my throat becoming increasingly dry and scratchy. Yuck. What a miserable night last night and my throat is killing me this morning. I suspect today will be another one spent on the couch where I will continue my Sex and the City marathon from yesterday.

*Note for the Mommy Police: I have seen many co-sleepers grow into well-adjusted adults. If you disagree, you can bite me and move along to the next blog.

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