August 23, 2005

What was I thinking?

If I wasn’t pregnant, I would think that maybe I was drunk when I signed up for the class I am attending today. It’s called “Avoiding the Train Wreck: Helping Clients Manage & Protect Retirement Assets” . Good grief - could there be anything more boring??? Why did I sign up for this? The only great thing about these classes, other than getting the credit is that it makes me appreciate my life -- 1) Hopefully, I will never have to actually do anything accounting-related ever and 2) Sitting at home with a colicky baby would surely be more soothing to one’s soul. I feel like such a fraudster sitting there trying to pretend as if I care. I think the worst part of these classes is that sitting for extended periods of time is getting to be extremely painful. I will spare my male audience the gruesome details, but suffice it to say that it is hard to walk now after sitting for 8 hours in a hard chair. However, I will really try to remember all this if indeed the little guy ends up being a colicky baby. As is usually the case, things can ALWAYS be worse.

Oh, speaking of drunk, I got to go to a liquor store over the weekend! I needed to pick up some wine as hostess gifts for our little dinner outings. It was a little disconcerting to be so hugely pregnant, waddling through a liquor store. It cap the experience, I really, really wanted to pick up a jug of Jim Beam for good measure. Just to gauge the reaction, of course.

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