August 19, 2005

What happens when you aren’t fluent in Vietnamese?

In a Toe Jam: Not all pedicures are created alike, my friends. I am fairly new to the concept, just having had my first one ever last year. So, there is a place on the Country Club Plaza I go to, and then there is a place in West Las Vegas I like to go when I am there - that’s it. Yesterday, I decided to get one at a place near to my house and thought I would just swing in. I used to get my nails done there a long, long time ago, so I thought I was safe, right? Everything was going okay, I was enjoying my US Weekly, and the gal working on my toes mumbles something to me. I look down and say “Um, okay” then continue reading. Next thing I know - I have a freakin’ daisy painted on each of my big toes. AND I got to pay an extra $5 for it. NOT HAPPY HERE. I will not be going back to that place, that’s for sure. The overall quality was just not there and I look like a DORK.

Baby’s First Outing: The little Freeloader has been OUTED. We decided on a name for the little guy in early July, but I just couldn’t really muster up the energy to tell the family, face possible comments or questions. I didn’t want to deal with it, so I have told a select few friends and kept it at that. My sister, however, did not realize this and TOLD MY DAD AND STEP-MOM last night the name. Now, I must scramble and tell my mom, grandmothers, and other relatives before anyone realizes they were late to the party. In particular, my mom - she will be devastated if she ever finds out that my dad knew BEFORE HER since everything is an irritating contest now with him as far as she is concerned. Good grief - I could start an entire blog on the transformation of my parent’s relationship when they got divorced, but really, some train wrecks aren’t worth rubber-necking for. Anyway, we have decided to go with the name Arun. Honestly, I was the one to come up with the long list of names and that one kept making the short-listing process. I have loved that name since I first heard WAY LONG AGO it in the early 90s, well, well before I knew X even existed. Arun is pronounced “ah-roon” with the emphasis on the last syllable. I told X I will kick my son's ass if he ever tries to "Americanize" his name by pronouncing it "Aaron" or something equally whitebread. I am only half kidding. I don't care if he spends half his life correcting people, it's a fine name. Besides, there are tons of Americans making up silly nonsense names for their kids these days. At least our kid's name is a REAL one, right? Anyway, for the middle name, we went with my favorite great-uncle’s name who passed away 5 years ago - a very generic old-fashioned American name. You know, so he can be President someday.

Weight Watchers: I had a doctor’s appointment today. After being told that it is normal for your body to feel like it is splitting in half, I was told that I lost a pound over the past 2 weeks. So, as it stands right now at 32 weeks, I have gained 14 lbs total. Not bad! With 8 weeks left, things are looking pretty good. Of course, I came home and celebrated with a Patio Burrito - Red Hot (my favorite). Baby needs beef and beans.

Culture Shock: We are having dinner with Indian friends on Saturday and Romanian friends on Sunday. This may put a kink in my plans of not gaining too much weight, but the fun company and conversation will be worth it. I can’t wait to drill our Indian friends on the whole health insurance thing. They just had a baby last year on the same insurance and the great thing about Indians is you can ask just about anything concerning how much things cost and they will never be insulted. Why are Americans so shy about money issues? It is quite convenient to be able to discuss how much cars and houses cost, how much salary is being made, etc. Otherwise, how do you know if you are getting a good deal? Years ago, I remember at one job I had how my manager was quite distressed that all the Indians discussed salaries so freely because of course, when someone realized they were being vastly underpaid, they would request a raise. I realized then how much to the employer’s advantage it is for employees NOT to discuss salaries. So, the next time an Indian asks you how much you paid for something, just remember they are not trying to brag or be nosy. They are just trying to get information. And that can be good for all parties involved.

Anyway, have a great weekend! I am pushing up daisies here and I need to figure out what the hell to do with 'em.

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