August 11, 2005

But, can she outwit, outlast, outplay?

I have so few claims to fame. Even though my grandpa was in special effects in the television and movie industry, I never got to actually MEET anyone. I just get to repeat the cool stories, which sound significantly less cool when you are telling them in 3rd person. Actually, they just sound pathetic.

Anyway, when I heard that someone from my high school town* of Tonganoxie** was going to be on Survivor, I knew that I would have to post something about it. Now I'll admit, I have been an intermittent fan of Survivor at best. I missed the 1st season, then caught the next few, then missed a few, then caught a few - I haven't watched it for the past 2 seasons. Each season, I give the show a 4-episode minimum. If I am not hooked by then, it gets unceremoniously dumped from the DVR. However, I suspect that Season 11 will be one that I will watch the whole way through. Danni, as she is apparently called now, should provide some minimal entertainment. I just have to decide on the level of snark I will allow myself come Friday mornings. Anyway, check out Survivor: Guatemala ! I have yet to see where CBS is officially announcing it, but if you fudge with the link for last season's Survivor, you come up with the new season's site. So, the page is live now, just not officially announced, I guess.

*I would never refer to this place as my hometown - I moved away less than 2 months after I graduated from high school. Frankly, I was so relieved to get the hell out of there.

**My friends in college would pronounce it Toxic-Nazi. snigger, snigger

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