August 5, 2005

Is it Monday yet???????

Carpet Rat 2005: Our living room is still void of any furniture but the delivery of NEW furniture is scheduled for Monday, THANK GOD. In my overzealousness of “everything must be moved, now, now NOW”, I had the movers come too early. We have had nothing to sit on but carpet for nearly 2 weeks now. I admit it feels a bit, oh, shall we say, “low-rent” to sit on the floor watching a 50-inch plasma TV. As the sun goes down, I draw the blinds tightly for fear the neighbors will think we hawked our furniture to pay for the damned thing.

Wallace and Gromit 2005: The release date for the Curse of the Were-Rabbit is October 7th and my due date is October 15th -- I suspect this will go down as Baby’s First Movie in the old baby book. When I saw the trailer for the first time a few weeks back, it was all I could to keep myself from jumping out of my seat and shouting “Sweet Lord Hallelujah!”, but I was with a friend (If I had been with X? This story would have been far more entertaining). I am so fucking EXCITED about this, that I am verklempt. After all, I first bought the movie stock on the Hollywood Stock Exchange at $14/share when it was a just a twinkle in Nick Park’s eye as a Concept movie. I have waited a LONG time for this. Also, decisions have to made. This will be my optimum opportunity to purchase as much W&G crap as possible without having to go to Brits and pay outrageous prices. Good grief - I SHAKE thinking that even TARGET might be selling W&G stuff. The decisions? Well, of course, I need my own W&G loot and of course, the little Freeloader will need HIS own lootf (to keep his grubby little digits off MY stuff, of course). However, should I purchase stuff for Kid #2? There will be a Kid #2 someday and I don’t want that Kid to feel left out. I really can’t expect my children to SHARE, right? We live in surburbia, after all. Kids share a trampoline these days and that's about it. Sigh. Decisions, decisions........These are the days when I am glad that X barely gives my blog a passing glance.

Baby Shit 2005: Release the hounds! The acquisition of Baby Shit has begun. I entered a Babies R Us for the first time ever in my entire, sad existence this past Monday. It was as bad as I suspected and I could barely keep the eye-rolling to a minimum. THEN, I had to go back yesterday. Sigh. This kid is worth wading through all that crap, though. While X concedes the need for a car seat, he eyes everything else with suspicion. In his words, "In India, all a baby needs is his mum." Maybe so, Sweetie, but you are living in the Land of Consumption, and I don't mean the old-fashioned, "wasting away to bones kind", either. So, the little Freeloader is already the proud new owner of his own set of wheels, a crib, and even a crib set . While I haven't gone hog wild with the Kidsline Clover Field theme, I could NOT resist the sheep. Look at the sheep, ya'll! Yes, yes, REAL sheep are ugly ass and slightly demonic-looking, but CARTOON sheep are just too cute and WHITE (for you urban dwellers, I have yet to see a pure white sheep in Real Life).

I Am a Dumbass 2005: Since I am having trouble shaving my legs these days, I thought that maybe a bit of pre-natal yoga would help me find ways to reach my ankles again. The studio around here doesn’t have classes for August and it is too frightening to even fathom going that long without shaving my legs, so off to Border’s I went to hunt for a DVD. As I entered the store, I paused and looked behind me, then proceeded to totally whack my stomach with the door. OW. Besides using up a full day’s worth of Cool Points, I fear my child may be born with a dented head. Geez, I am such a DUMBASS.

Cat Situation 2005: Harry is on his way to finding a new home. I spoke to my step-mom last night and she is confident her parents or her sister can take him in. Considering the amount of teeny, tiny carcasses littering the area behind our front bushes, I am confident that Harry will like living in the country where the rodents run plentiful. However, I am still not confident that I will like Harry living in the country. I am just trying to accept that in the long-run this is the best situation. There was a good chance that we would have to find him a new home next summer anyway, so maybe this was meant to be.

I still hate my neighbor though. Bitch.

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