August 23, 2005

Do foreigners do it better?

I did not mean to insinuate on Monday that my international friends were better parents than my American friends. I was just interested in the differences, that’s all. I realize my post may not have come across that way. It was an encouraging experience this weekend to see there ARE various ways to approach the same situations. That’s it. Much of this observation is being driven home by the fact I’m reading some books on the whole subject of motherhood, societal expectations, and how, ironically, other Mommies can be the worst enemies. The judging starts early, my friends, and I was shocked. If my doctor says I can eat brie, drink coffee and have the occasional glass of wine, who’s business is it anyway? And this is just the beginning - I can only imagine the comments heading my way. So, I thought I should clarify where all that came from. It was a nice relaxing weekend of non-judging.

Finally, I am well aware of the fact that my own house will soon enough be cluttered with ugly plastic toys that seem to come in only crap-ass primary colors. God help me.

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