August 4, 2005

Do you love celebrity snark?

Consider this your public service announcement for the week. If you have a fetish for celebrity gossip then I highly recommend the new Kathy Griffin show on Bravo called My life on the D-List . Really, it should be required viewing for those in love with celebrities. This is not your typical reality show where you follow the "star" around as she makes a fool of herself. Instead, you are following a minor celebrity around as she makes FUN of herself. Simply hilarious! AND, you get a glimpse into the crassness that is Hollywood - Griffin lets it all hang out. Even if you don't like Griffin, this show is worth watching - her little asides and revelations into the innerworkings of Hollywood are worth it. As a special bonus, Bravo is also an airing a stand-up special of hers titled Kathy Griffin is not Nicole Kidman - here is a link to the Bravo Schedule schedule if you are interested.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

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