February 28, 2005

Is it Friday yet?

Still sick. Sick to the tune of "took a sick day from Big Al" sick. I have a call into the doctor to see if it is something to worry about that I have had a cold for 2 weeks straight now. Yes, I know this whining has become quite tedious, but I am a big, big baby when I get sick because it is fairly unusual for me to be sick - particularly this long. When I was a kid, I was rarely sick and so my mom would let me play hooky one day per year because "it wasn't fair that we had to go to school every day of the year when others didn't". I never questioned her lack of logic because I was a smart little kid and never, ever looked a gift horse in the mouth. Welcome to my childhood. I could devote a blog entirely to the idiosyncrasies of my mother's childrearing efforts (and my Grandma's game attempts to dispel the damage).

Anyway, surprisingly, the weekend was still very productive because I have a System. I lay down until I feel somewhat human, then I roll off the couch, get my lame A$$ moving and scurry like a beaver. When I feel creppy again, I lay back down and start the process over. In this manner, I got quite a few things accomplished! I washed 2 weeks worth of laundry. I imported all of my classical and piano CDs into iTunes and am now ready to start on Big Band and Jazz (I am so loving that extra hard drive space on the new iPod). I replaced my bedroom curtains and started on replacing the master bathroom curtains. I replaced a set of blinds that were broken. I finished one book, completely read another short one, and have started a new one - A Suitable Boy. I finished all the pieces to the Sweater - I am ready to block and seam them together! I was very disappointed because I had to cancel some social outings, but at least I can feel good that I got so many things accomplished.

I watched the Oscars last night, which is something I don't normally do. I do rush to get the celebrity rags for the fashion covereage but the show itself is pretty tiresome. However, despite the fact that last year I saw only a handful of movies ironically, most of them were up some kind of Oscar or another. Therefore, I did decide to watch this year's show. Um, how the HELL did we watch these shows before DVRs? I got so weary of all the crep that I finally just paused the show, went about my business, then came back an hour later to fast forward to the good parts. I won't go into much detail because there are professionals out there writing much more entertaining commentary than I can, but I will say I was so glad that Million Dollar Baby swept the major titles. The movie was absolutely beautiful and it was nice to see it honored as such. I knew that Sideways wouldn't win much of anything (my favorite movie of last year), but Million Dollar Baby winning so many awards made up for it. I also liked how the Actor/Actress nominations seemed to really come from great performances and not just the "hit" movies. For example, Maria Full of Grace was an excellent movie and it was so cool to see it get a nod for Best Actress even though it didn't make the Best Foreign Film category. Anyway, it was fun watching the Oscars, but I can't say I will watch them every year.

Oof. Ready to go lay down again.

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