February 8, 2005

Who says blogging doesn't pay?

Today was terrible. I didn't feel well anyway and then had to endure a long, creeping hour and a half commute home through a heavy snowstorm (normal commute is 30-45 minutes). I saw a car do a 360 spin(plus a few degrees) forcing the car in front of me to pull to the shoulder. I have never had my anti-lock brakes come on so HARD and FURIOUS, yet still not work. No, this is not the worse snowstorm ever, but the poor snowplow dudes just can't keep up.

So, I pull into my driveway feeling slightly queasy from all the adrenaline rushes. I sit in my car for a few minutes, enjoying the newfound safety of SITTING STILL, the silence and the huge, fluffy snowflakes melting on my still warm windshield. I schlep my things into the house and think, "what the hell, I should get the mail and stretch my legs". This is hardly as daring as it would seem, since my house is in front of the neighborhood mail center. I take my time, though so I can enjoy the silence and the mere act of BEING.

And what is in my mailbox? A prize! One I had forgotten about! Rozanne at Is There Anything of Interest? had offered a small prize to anyone who would use her "Forgotten English" words in a sentence. I didn't hesitate to provide my snail mail address for my loot - why not?? It's certainly no worse than all the stupid marketing surveys asking for my particulars. Besides, I have been reading her blog for MONTHS, so that's equivalent to KNOWING her - at least in the blogosphere, right? Regardless, it was FREE STUFF and my mama taught me RIGHT. Anyway, what did Rozanne so kindly send my way? Chocolate, my friends. Not just any old chocolate, but rather a DARK TRUFFLE confection by Terra Nostra. It's even organic!

What a dreamy end to a crummy day. The bonus? X doesn't read my blog, which is quite convenient since I suspect there will be nary a wrapper left when he returns tomorrow..................

So here's a shout-out to Rozanne, for not only offering free goodies, but also for having a cunning discernment for chocolate.

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