February 4, 2005

Is this lame, or what?

I am TAPPED OUT. I have depleted most of my sarcastic reserves for my family this week (and yes, most of what I posted the other day has already been shared with my sister and a few trusted cousins who nodded knowingly. The daugher of the Aunt Who Asks Loaded Questions (and incidently drives a GERMAN car), swung her head the hardest, let me tell you. Can you dislocate your head????).

Anyway, I will use this boring post to wrap up my iPod trials and tribulations. First, I had an excellent experience with iPod ResQ. Hands down, I would use them again. I love my Shuffle – on a scale of 1-10 (10 highest), I give it a 9. I still wish there was some sort of display or at minimum, an option to have two different Playlists on one Shuffle (a little toggle button labeled 1 and 2, perhaps?). Regardless, for a new product coming out of the gate it completely rocks. Why the 9? Well, no one is perfect (except for X, of course. He’s a 10.)

Finally, fortunately for me, April came early! After I pleaded my case with X and gave compelling evidence as to why a regular iPod was still useful in the RR household, he decided that I could get an early birthday present. While I am still not thrilled at having forked over the money, I am glad to have a bigger iPod than the old one. I now have space for converting my entire classical collection to MP3 and can start doing audio books as well.

Well, that’s it for this long and tedious week. Tomorrow commences my 2 week whirlwind Knitting Jamboree in which I will learn to do slippers, mittens, and a sweater. I have made mittens before, but they were fingerless. Since I actually HAVE fingers, I thought learning how to knit them might be useful to learn. Yes, folks, my joys are puerile.

Have a great weekend!

(Rancid Tangent: Who else would like to see Martha Stewart's tagline for the firings on her new Apprentice spin-off be something like "Your goose is cooked!" ??)

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