February 25, 2005

Ultimately, aren’t we all just road kill in the Mouth of Life?

Road kill is the theme for today because that is the way I am feeling. Would I be a fluffy bunny or a squishy squirrel? Or would I be a crunchy turtle?

Really, although I have been yucky for nearly 2 weeks now, in a way it has been quite freeing. I don’t feel any pressure to keep the house spotless or to cook healthy meals. We are wearing the last pieces of our acceptable clothing because Laundry Day last Sunday was skipped (horrors!). I crawl into bed at 9pm, read until 10pm and get a full night’s sleep. I WAS guilt-free about skipping the gym, but that has been changing this week and I am very itchy to go now. Besides, the iPods are pulling at their "leashes".

So, even though it sucks to be sick, it has been quite nice to take life’s pace down a notch. Maybe there is a lesson to be had in all this somewhere.

Rancid Update: I realized I should have included the reference from which the title was spawned: Road kill candy angers animal rights activists

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