February 16, 2005

How wrong is it?

My day with Older Nephew, B, went swimmingly, he may only be 3 and a half, but he's chock full of personality. On the way to the Rainforest Cafe for our overpriced, tiresome, yet creatively monikered food, we had some fun conversation. B informed me he wants a tow truck bed (I didn't have the heart to tell him that while there is a firetruck bed and a race car bed available, I just found it hard to believe there was truly a market for a tow truck bed. One must have must have dreams, I suppose.) B also kept saying that he just loved playing with "the big Jeep" toy at my house (the marketing folks over at Hummer would gnash their teeth at this kid. H2 -- my a$$.....hee, hee.). While on the way to restaurant, I told him the basics of highway safety, the purposes of speed limits and why our good police officers write tickets (had B been able to peer at my speedometer from his backseat perch, he would have gotten a glimpse into the delightful world of Hypocrisy).

The Rainforest Cafe was what I expected, but B LOVED it and it made it all the worth while for eating their $hitty food. He particularly got a kick out of the elephants. He also has a newfound appreciation for Uncle X as I told B that X had lived in a place as a little boy where there were tons of elephants (I left out the parts where elephants are mean as hell and extremely dangerous unless encountered while in water). We left the restaurant and spent a good 15 minutes just watching the animatronic alligator at the entrance. I mean, come on, this was a really quite a cheap outing, overall. I suspect our activities will only get more expensive as the kid ages. Finally, as we passed a merry-go-round, B asked if he could "ride the carousel". Come on, folks. How do you resist a 3 year old that says CAROUSEL? Well, you don't. Anyway, it was a nice day. We capped it off by going back to my place, lounging on the couch to the ways of the claymation duo, Wallace and Gromit (I just adore a dog that KNITS. How can you not?)

Now, regarding the subject title. I received a call from the Previous Owners (POs) of the New House. As mentioned before, we knew the POs before purchasing the house. They have been storing some things in the New House for nearly 5 months now while they were awaiting completion of THEIR New House. Anyway, in the meantime, we have not been able to park in our garage (think ice and snow. Grrr...), have had to step over their crep in our basement, are paying for electricity for 2 refrigerators, 1 freezer AND their ugly a$$ hot tub in our backyard (please don't tell me how great hot tubs are. blah, blah. Sorry, just not a fan of a tub in which I can't use bubble bath). I get a voice mail yesterday from PO saying that they will be moving their stuff (except for the f&*kng hot tub, of course) on Saturday (YEAH!) BUT could I please defrost the freezer and throw out the old food (sputtering now....W....H....A....T???). Yes, we did save some bucks buying this house through the owners and not using a realtor. However, they saved bucks by doing this AND MANAGED TO GET 5 MONTHS OF FREE STORAGE FROM US. Even that, I could stomach. However, I am pissed beyond words at the request for defrosting and food removal.

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