February 21, 2005

What have you got?

I've got nothin' but Tales from the Couch. From the Couch, I am able to reflect upon the fact that I just burned 40 hours of vacation so that I could comfortably be SICK. I had about 25 items on my To Do list - only 1 item was completed. I didn't play the piano. I didn't read any of a Very Long Engagement (the book club meeting for it is THIS SUNDAY). I didn't play any of my games on the computer. I didn't finish my sweater (I have the neck and shoulder left) and I didn't finish the mittens (I only have a cuff) - which pi$$es me off the most because I purposely scheduled this vacation in the middle of the Knitting Jamboree in hopes I would complete all the projects. I did squeak in the Nephew Visit, thank goodness, because disappointing a 3 year old is a bit of a DOWNER. I did squeak in a single visit to the gym, but could only do the weights because I was pretty sure I would hurl if I got near the elliptical machine.

I have an extremely bad attitude today. Which, of course, means I am primed and ready to go back to work for Big Al tomorrow.

No more whining.

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