March 1, 2005

It's still not Friday yet?

I have been awake since 3am. I finally gave up on the Sandman by 5am. I am thinking I won't be laboring for Big Al today. I hate napping, but may make an exception today. My doctor did prescribe some drugs, so hopefully I will be on the mend soon. Yesterday was spent mostly reading on the couch and in a great moment of lucidity, I finished the master bathroom curtains. Yeah! Overall, my sanctuary is nearly complete. Just 1 item left in the bedroom- a matching dresser. We are using the same dresser that I have had since I was 12. I figure, if the DNA Project is successful, the kid can take my old dresser and we will get a new one for us - the little begger can't be a chooser, after all. Besides the dresser, I am nearly done decorating the house - just waiting to buy a couch and chair combo, then we should really be done. We are currently using a futon, which I love because it is so comfortable, but the futon bothers X and must go. He is so very NOT picky about things usually and I have a pretty free reign when it comes to the decor. However, when he does rarely have an opinion, it is usually a firm one.

Overall, many of my friends and family expressed shock at how quickly I got things done around the New House - we just moved in the beginning of last September and I have already had our handyman remove wallpaper and paint in our bedroom, kitchen, and 3 bathrooms. Minimal furniture was needed because I already owned so much crep. Ditto for artwork, pictures, etc. It's not the I am a great decorator, but I know what I like and I just hang it. I will certainly never make the pages of House Beautiful, but that isn't really the goal. I just want someplace that I feel cozy in.

The hardest part of this decorating crep was the curtains. Frankly, my parents were not into matching decor - they were hippies. As a 70s child, I was spared daring stripes in contrasting colors but was instead subjected to macreme, wood carvings, and pictures of nature. I don't remember having curtains in our house - maybe blinds, but certainly nothing you would call a "treatment". While the curtains downstairs in the New House are tolerable and certainly not frightful enough to invest money in replacing them, all the curtain upstairs are BUTT UGLY. I still have 3 bedrooms and a bathroom left to replace, but DAMN! curtains are expensive. However, as time goes by, those curtains are starting to look better and better.

Okay, this Lucidity Break is over.

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