February 15, 2005

How does it feel to felt?

I am on vacation this week. I am also feeling under the weather this week. I am sure Big Al is scheming some method for docking both leave balances in my absence.

The Knitting Jamoree is in full swing now. I finished my felted Booga Bag. Please note the color in the linked example is horrendous - my color selection was less bright. If you are a knitter and you have never felted, what are you waiting for? I admit I did not see what the big attraction to felting was, but WOW - was it FUN. It was so freaky to put it through the washing machine FOUR times in HOT water to see the magic that is Felting. I loved working this bag so much (it was knit in the round, which is my favorite), that I have already purchased more Noro to make another one.

My First Sweater is progressing quite nicely. Unfortunately, I have no hopes of looking as cute in it as that model in the linked example does, but hey, I AM BETTING SHE DIDN'T KNIT THE DAMN THING. Bitch. Anyway, I have finished the front piece, one sleeve and I almost done with the 2nd sleeve. The great thing about being sick on the couch like a monkey, is that the monkey can still knit. The sweater is such a joy to knit that I am already planning a 2nd one since learning that Lamb's Pride Bulky is a perfect substitute. I don't care for the Needful Yarns, but the thought of getting to knit another one in Lamb's Pride is an incentive.

Finally, I am working on a set of mittens. I am not very far on them because of the Sweater, but seriously, knitting on double points is SO COOL. It's like working a puzzle while knitting.

Unfortunately, I did have to drop the Felted Slippers class since I realized that I should focus my attention on the sweater, mittens, and the Booga Bag. I also have some very special projects in the works that I will be sharing in the coming months. There is some cool knitting to be had out there.

Tonight my sister is coming with Older Nephew and Younger Nephew to spend the night. Tomorrow, I am taking Older Nephew to lunch and to do one of those "build a teddy bear" thingies. I should be able to pluck myself off the couch long enough to enough his little mass of cuteness. This is the same goofy kid that the minute he could string 2 words together, he started telling jokes ("Eat car??" Nooooo! giggle giggle). When he could form complete sentences, the dirty ones started coming (Mommy has a penis?? Nooooo! giggle giggle). Hopefully, the little twerp will provide my current Sahara of a blog with some interesting material.

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