February 23, 2005

Is my funny bone fractured?

I have absolutely nothing of interest going on. Vacation is over and I’m back to the Grind. Get up in the morning, go to work, labor for Big Al, go home, enjoy a few peaceful hours, and collapse into bed. Repeat.

Don’t get me wrong. Life is pretty good right now. I’m feeling human again and am able to get back to puttering around the house. I’m almost done with The Sweater and should be able to seam it together by this weekend. I’m going to get back into my gym routine this week. I’m reading an excellent book, A Very Long Engagement. My jewelry partner and I picked up 2 new stores bringing us to a total of 5 stores now – VERY cool.

Yes, life is good right now. But sometimes, just sometimes, good is boring. And I suppose that sometimes, just sometimes, that’s okay.

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