December 28, 2009

Be careful of what you wish for.

Kansas City had a White Christmas.

While it was simply precious to have a White Christmas, it meant that we spent Christmas alone since the particular set of family members due to arrive that day are mostly over OVER 80 years old.  Since the Snow Walker (with tennis rackets instead of tennis balls??) has yet to be invented, they did not particularly feel like braving the snow to trudge their way to our house.  Losers.

No matter, we enjoyed the slow, relaxing day.  I cooked the traditional  meal from scratch - stuffing, potatoes, cranberry relish and funeral corn.  Since my great-aunt Joan the turkey had flaked on us, I made a chicken sauteed in poultry seasoning and olive oil.  Fortunately,  I found a jar of gravy hiding in the cupboard. As my great-uncle Ted the veggie relish tray had failed us, we went without fresh carrots and such.  Oh, and since my grandma Vivian the pies also chickened out on us, along with my grandma Phyllis the chocolate cake we spent the day noshing on the sundry sweets that had gathered in our house in the preceding weeks.

The day was not a waste - it was nice to just relax in our pajamas and do nothing but eat, watch movies and play with our new toys.

One of the Anjali's Christmas presents was that I did not brush her hair all day.  All day!! She was not appreciative enough to pose nicely for the camera, though.

Arun got to eat cookies all damned day long.  ALL DAMNED DAY LONG.  And yes, that is the puppy totally crashed at his fee.  The puppy had a great day because it seems the puppy loves, LOVES the snow.  She was ringing her doorknob bell all damned long.  ALL DAMNED DAY LONG.  Thanks to Lucy, many angels got their wings this Christmas Day.

Later in the evening, we played in the snow. Then, we came back in and I made hot chocolate from scratch because we did not have a mix or powder.  Actually, making hot chocolate was insanely easy to do.  However,  lest you think I am painting a sweet mix of Thomas Kinkade with a splash of Rockwellian accents,  you may rest assured we enjoyed that hot chocolate with a lingering odor of sour, stale chocolate in the air because I had burnt the first batch.

On Saturday, I high-tailed my butt to a shoe store to buy boots.  On Friday, I had discovered with horror that I had NO BOOTS because I had given away all of my winterish shoes in the spring - all the shoes that were about 1/2 size too small because no one warns you that giving birth may increase your shoe size. So! New shoes!

That evening, I took Arun for his First Sledding Ever.  It was everything I could have hoped for  - nice, slick snow, a new sled and a boy squealing with delight.  Although, that same boy screamed bloody murder when his butt got too cold and he had to be escorted quickly to the safe confines of the car.  I have no pictures from our sledding adventure because I chose to use a vintage recording device instead.  My brain.  Amazing, yet true! I wanted to just enjoy the moment and be present without worrying over the Perfect Shot.

Overall, it was a nice weekend with few complaints.  Yes indeed, Life is good.

How was your holiday? 


Kelly said...

The snow never made it this far south. But we had our own version of "relatives stay away!" which was the stomach virus. Although it was less lovely than snow and produced more laundry than the white stuff. It was effective at keeping our house quiet.
And I had some funeral corn last night! I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

For some reason, most of your photos are showing up as "unavailable".

MLE said...

I can't see them either. :(

Olivia said...

Ditto on the photos, and your weekend sounds wonderful.

Christmas day for us was a lazy affair, too. Pajamas, brunch, ripping open of presents...just wonderful.

Average Jane said...

Ah, that's better! Sounds like you had a lovely holiday.

Goofy Girl said...

The gnome was, indeed, worth waiting for!

Melanie said...

glad to see all the photos now, we ventured out in all the white stuff, but my husband did have to do some pushing & shoveling to get us unstuck a few times... glad you had a good time!

MLE said...

We had a sunny green NorCal Christmas and the only crappy part was my mom's bizarro boyfriend. Everything else was awesome. And I can see the photos now. :)

Homemom3 said...

We got the snow down here in Lees Summit too, probably not as much as you but it sure did leave a mess behind. The kids have been making igloos, snowmen, fighting with it and all. I love your pics, by the way I found you by searching momcentral believe it or not. hehe.

We too were lone rangers, our family of course is either in California or Colorado so there wasn't much of a chance of seeing either. Course you gave me a laugh picturing people on walkers with tennis rackets. My kids got their hair done but got breakfast all day, even dinner.