December 10, 2009


From this post forward, all posts regarding will be titled #Shill.  Why?  
Because I call 'em like I see 'em.

I do not see myself doing an inordinate amount of posts about our business,  But I would like to use this space to talk about things going on with it.  Besides specific business activities, I may use this space to talk about the struggles with entrepreneurial ventures.  It is a damned shame I am not a Naked Blogger, because interesting things most certainly happen in one's life when you are living on the entrepreneurial path.  Sigh.  I never thought I would be living this life and while I have no regrets, it can be very stressful at times for someone like me, someone who would rather receive a neatly printed W2 than have to file a messy scad of incorporation papers.

Anyway., in a word, is going gangbusters.  I am 3 parts exhilarated, 2 parts utterly frightened.   I am in an active role with this business and hence, the slowdown on Rancid Raves as I scramble to adjust to this WAHM thing.  But really, some truly good stuff is happening around here, folks.  Besides some awesome meetings that Manoj has had lately, we have a few specific things going on right now.  As a bonus for enduring the boring stuff, I am including a list of restaurants that are offering special deals right now on giftcard purchases - in the interest of fairness, you do not have to purchase through Snapgifts, but holy smoke, the deal at 54th Street Grill is too damned good NOT to share with you.

1.  Most importantly, we are participating in the Shop For Anissa campaign going on today at  Aiming Low.  This means that we will be donating 10% of the revenues from today's sales towards the Hope 4 Anissa fund (revenues!  not profits.  Because we are a startup and profits?  I laugh at the prospect. Like a lunatic, I laugh. So in fairness, we went with total revenues. )  Additionally, we have a section of our shopping cart that allows folks to make their own donation towards Anissa's fund. Check out the list of vendors - serously!  There is some fun stuff there and I have a serious hankering for a warm cup of tea right now......

2. We are offering a special 2009 Holiday promotion valid through December  - FREE shipping and handling on all gift card purchases. Just enter "freeshipping" when you check out.

3. We are offering a cool, new product called a SnapCard.  In short, you purchase this product and it is emailed to you.  You print it off, give it to your lover, best friend, whoever and they can redeem it for any of the 600+ gift cards we currently offer.   So, if you find yourself in a bind with last minute shopping, this is a great option because you will receive it immediately - no waiting for the post office.

4. And finally, I promised a list of a few places offering good gift card deals!  The following businesses are offering these deals.  Note, of course, I have included links for Snapgifts, but in all fairness, you should be able to get these deals anywhere!

A bonus $5 certificate for every $25 gift card purchased

A bonus $10 for every $50 gift card purchased:

A bonus $5 for every $25 gift card purchased, plus a bonus $25 card if over $250 is purchased - plus, you still get the original 10 $5 gifts (that is $75 in bonus gift cards for a $250 purchase!)
54th Street Grill

And the fun deals of the day?
Cheesecake Factory: A coupon for a free piece of cheesecake with every $25 purchase.

Chick-fil-A: A free calender with a $25 purchase.  Their calendars are fun, quirky and include coupons valid throughout the entire year.  This year's theme is "Great Works in Cow Literature" - my personal favorites are Mooby Dick, Flankenstein and Robinson Cowrusoe.   Sadly, Snapgifts cannot offer this because of the shipping involved, so I will have to go rogue on you and simply suggest that you get your own ass to Chick-fil-A to get that calendar. 


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I was JUST going to ask you if you offered giftcards to your site as a whole-I was reading the FAQ last night to figure out if that's what you meant by a Snapcard (sorry, I found the explanation on the site a little confusing since I wasn't sure if you could redeem it for any of the vendors).

Finishing Financial Modelling test today-will email as soon as it is done.

Anjali said...

When you first wrote about it, I thought Snapgifts sounded genius! Glad it's going so well.

I was actually a little confused about the Snapcard thing as well. Do you buy one snapcard for a given amount, that can be used at any of the places participating?

Mamma Sarah said...

Glad to hear that the whole thing is working out for you guys! How very exciting. I will be taking advantage of this for sure when comes time to pick "gifts" for the folks. Food is the only gift one can never have enough of.