December 18, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Foot Christmas Tree

I had enough questions about my last post that I thought I would throw out an end of the week sort of post.  I bought the ornaments in 2000 at a Hallmark store, deeply discounted on clearance - the box still has the 75% sticker.  At the time, I bought TONS of cool HP stuff at a deep discount - a Gargoyle bank for my mom, bookends and some more ornaments.  I am glad I did, because after the movies began coming out, much of the things you can buy now are based on the movies and not the book's illustrations.

Anyway!  I did find the ornaments on eBay, if any of you are really interested.  The tree itself is a tiny tree purchased at Hobby Lobby - it is actually supposed to be a placecard holder, which is why it is so tiny.  I LOVE teeny, tiny Christmas trees and I have TWO more lurking in storage.  However, I also have TWO small kids (who also lurk in the basement on occasion).

There is a reason why the Harry Potter tree is on the mantel.

Completely and utterly tangential and pretty much apropos of nothing whatsoever:
While at the gym yesterday, I was subjected to an episode of Dr. Phil where the mom was distraught about her daughter getting tattooes.  For some reason,  I found this amusing, yet horrifying because it led me to ponder - How will Team Chaos defy Manoj and me?

Piercings?  Whatever.  After all, Manoj's people are a Piercing People and our kids can brag that their Grandma Lilly had her NOSE pierced, no??  Awesome!  Rock on, Grandma Lilly!! 

Tattoos?  Whatever.  I am considering getting one myself (a 1912 Jayhawk on my ankle, which I have ALWAYS WANTED and nearly got for my 30th birthday and damned well may get for my 40th.)

Skimpy clothes?  Whatever.  I am used to seeing nekkid teenagers running around.  One trip to a shopping maul and you become visually numb to peekaboo butt cheeks.

And that is where the horror begins.  I could only wish that piercings, tattoos and nekkidness and would be the worst of our problems.


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Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Normally, I delete spam, but that is one of the most ignorant pieces of spam I have ever received. I am leaving it up so that my skies are gray so that I can come back and read the stupidity and laugh maniacally.

D. said...

If piercings, tattoos, and skimpy clothes are all Sweet Girl throws at me, I'll consider myself lucky indeed. I worry more about illicit substances and the Really Scary Stuff, you know?

Jenny said...

I didn't even get that it was spam, I just thought some idiot was commenting on the wrong post. Heh.
I always get some grief from my in-laws about my son's hair being too log and shaggy, to which I say, if hairstyles are all he's got to fight with, I think I'm in good shape. If he shows up someday with some girl's blood in a vial on a chain around his neck, I might get a little worried. It's fun to watch their faces turn red.

Olivia said...

I wonder the same thing about what my children may do in defiance. I've got tattoos and piercings myself, so that doens't worry me. I also did my fair share of drinking and sex, so meh. As long as it's done safely.

I think what would be most upsetting to me and my husband would be not going to college. He and I are both the first in our families to get a college degree, and we believe education is extremely important. Seriously, you want to be a musician? Fine, go to college and get a music degree. And while you are there, learn a little about math.

CPA Mom said...

Thanks for the link - I got the Harry Potter ornaments. WHOOT!

I have 4 tattoos with plans for more (Let's meet up for 40th bday and get them together!). Hubby has 3. I think that will not bother us!

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Mojavi said...

haha I feel the exact same way, having a mother who has had everything pierced and over 9 tats as well as 12 inch pink mohawks, there is nothing my ids can do to shock me... However I do request they wait until they are over 21 to get a tattoo, considering I went through 2 years of painful tattoo removal on 4 tats!!

i think the can really through me for a loop by refusing to go to college! YIKES

Mojavi said...

sheesh throw not through lol... this is what happens when the thunder strikes in winter and Kya asks me why mom why...