December 2, 2009

Specifically Random

My stomach is a twisted ball of stress these days.  Fortunately, the bulk of my Christmas shopping is done, Christmas cards are ordered (thanks to, my favorite of online photo sites!) and some major packaging of presents have already been hoisted into a post office bin.

My goal is to concentrate on my newfound J-O-B (being married to an entrepreneur has its pitfalls!)  and a flurry of holiday activity coming up.  Yesterday, we went to Lawrence for the Festival of Trees at Liberty Hall and this Saturday, we head back for the the Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade in downtown.

Anyway, today is going to be one of those random sort of things because I simply cannot come up with a narrative that ties it all together. 

Such is my life these days, so be it.

I am ridiculously excited about two of my favorite shows returning in January - Antiques Roadshow and Big Love.  And truly, I am more excited about the Antiques Roadshow than anything thing else.  I must have some latent little old lady lurking deep inside of me.  Having said that....... I have also decided to pick Chuck back up - I had some DVR issues last spring and had to drop the show mid-season.  I have decided to buy Season 2 and catch up on the lost episodes. Now that we have a DVR through ATT, I will be able to keep with the maelstrom of shows that air on Monday.

I cashed in a slew of iTunes gift cards this morning and purchased a veritable musical smogasbord - Pitbull, Lady Gaga, Jason Mraz, Kings of Leon, Black Eyed Peas.....    and ........... some Taylor Swift rounded everything off quite nicely.   I am not sure what that mix of artists says about me and my tastes, but I am really excited about firing up the iPod today while out and about today!!

Oh, my GOD. I am having zero patience with spammers right now.  I have turned on word verification, but if the spamming does not let up, I will have to tighten comments up further by not allowing anonymous commenting.  I really do not want to do that because I like commenting to be as simple as possible, but I simply do not have the time to deal with spam right now.

I noticed last night that Anjali managed to find the lone Asian in her vast population of Little People.  This little Asian girl has become BFFs with Anjali's myriad of Kai lan dolls.  My baby girl is 2 years old and already racial profiling?  We are so proud.

The tree trimming other day was simply wonderful.  One of those Life's Perfect Memories.  I think as parents, we all too often build up events in our head to the extent to where the actual happening can never, ever live up.  In this one instance, Real Life equaled Grand Vision and it was so precious to me that for once, it all happened as carefully and painstakingly planned.

When the kids woke up from their naps and saw the tree, their eyes bugged out.  We slowly dug through the decorations with absolutely no fighting and no ornament breakage.  I relaxed, played some holiday music and let the kids hang the ornaments wherever they wanted.  Later, I subtlety sneaked the more fragile ones up higher with no one the wiser.

Perfect.  Just perfect.

And finally?  Some random Twitterage:

I thought I would cobble together some heartwarming, O. Henryesque parable about the mutual love and adoration my cat and I share, but tragically, words failed me.  I just wasn't feeling the Gift of the Magi.  Anyway, if any of you were under the delusion that I was high-flying around here with ad money coming out of my ears as I purchase all sorts of pretty baubles for myself, you can rest assured that is most certainly not the case as my usual Taco Splurge was abandoned in lieu of a new litterbox for my beloved Vanessa.  Sigh.

Although, I could swear my cat smiled the first time she shat in her sweet new bathroom.


jodifur said...

Big Love is coming back? I still haven't seen last season. do we know when that is coming out on DVD?

Olivia said...

I'm so excited for both Big Love and Chuck, also.

My husband bought me a fancy litter box cabinet for xmas...and I'm super excited about it. I've been scoping one out for two years and I'm finally going to be able to do away with the plastic box.