May 18, 2009

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Thank you. Thank you for the comments, emails and texts. Thank you.

I felt immediately better after just posting that bit. Sometimes, it is good to just get it out, take a deep breath and then just keep swimming ....just keep swimming.... just keep swimming......

Estate Sale
So, this past weekend was the estate sale at my great-aunt Peggy's.

It was something else that was weighing heavily on my mind and I am glad it is over. The day was interesting. It was nice to hang out with my family (most of them) and Team Chaos had a blast playing with their distant cousins. It was also interesting to talk to folks who were very curious about the house itself - it has a bit of history since it was the childhood home of J.C. Nichols, a local historical figure here in Kansas City.

A note about possessions: Folks, label your precious possessions, if they have an interesting story or meaning to you. While cleaning out the house, we came across lots of items that either we had no earthly clue what they were or what they meant to my great-aunt.

While it was still a little ooky for me to watch strangers pawing through my great-aunt's things, that is the essence of an estate sale, no? I think overall, it saddened me. And I could not help but think this: regardless of religion or what you may think of the afterlife, in the end, you are gone, baby, gone. And all of your possession are still here for someone else to deal with. Items you believe to be treasures will literally become someone's else junk.

So, in my last post, a few kindly souls pointed out that is my wee site and I want to rant, then I should. Why not? Indeed.


Neighbors Who Do Not Recycle: My city provides a service whereby for a mere $3/month, they will come to your house to pick up your recyclable materials. I repeat, they will come to your house. I find it difficult to believe that folks in my neighborhood cannot afford a measly $40 a year for curbside recycling. Hello.

Foolish Motorcyclists Who Foolishly Do Not Wear Helmets: This furiously infuriates me with a red hot furious ball of fury. In short, it makes me furious.

Fatheads Who Hide Transfats: Folks who advertise "0 Transfats" on their food products, yet have obviously messed with their serving sizes to make it appear erroneously that their foods contain no transfats when in fact they do, need to be held down and forcibly fed their own damned products until their arteries solidify. Too harsh?

Greedy, Grubbing Relatives Who Grumble Piss Me Off in a Manner Befitting a Queen: Enough said, no?

Mean Moms: I do not like Mean Moms who selfishly refuse to drive mini-vans because mini-vans are no fun to drive even through their kids would probably be more comfortable in a mini-van. I also am irked with Mean Moms who refuse to listen to kiddie music in the car and instead, subject their children to the likes of Coldplay, The Killers, Akon and Nine Inch Nails. I also really despise mean moms who refuse buy their sons a toy snake and instead, let him cry and stomp his feet in the store while his sweet baby sister tries to soothe him. I really cannot stand Mean Moms who try to be hip, cool and ethnic by naming their sweet children with odd-sounding monikers that will haunt them through their school years.

Hey, wait a damned second.


Anjali said...

Gotta love them mean moms! I wish I was meaner and never bought my minivan.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Anjali Sr.
I plan on always being mean. No mini-van and no kiddie music in my car. :-)

Christine said...

I guess I'm mean. Hybrid. No kids music, but my kids do recognize both REM and Harry Chapin.

I would totally buy a snake,though, if only because it would be a nice break from the garbage trucks. Excuse me: recycling trucks.

MB said...

We have FREE recycling pick up in our county and most of my neighbors are still too lazy to recycle.

Average Jane said...

Our recycling is free and they've provided HUGE rolling bins, yet I notice that about half our neighbors only put out the trash bin. Hmmph.

O said...

Ditto on the no-recycling neighbors. It's about $3/month in my town and you don't even have to separate. Just dump it all in a giant, wheeled bin. Lazy ass people!

Sounds like I'm shaping up to be a mean mom. We even gave our daughter 4 names (including surname) just so we could fit in both grandmas and a native name. Also, is it mean that I sometimes laugh at her "angry" cry?

kristen said...

Count me among the mean moms! I think other people buy my kids toys and new clothes because they think I neglect them by only buying or making toys for special occasions and only buying clothes at the resale shop. Oh well, Caleb still thinks a pot lid and wooden spoon are the greatest toys ever and I am NOT wasting my money on new clothes that will look the same as the used once after the first wash.

Carmen said...

Our recycling is free, with curbside pickup, and yet the family next door with 4 teenage children have ZERO recycling out at the curb every week. I CANNOT fathom how that is possible and it IRKS ME beyond belief. It's actually illegal to dispose of recyclables in the regular trash here - I wish the garbage men would glance into their trash and refuse to take it.