May 11, 2009

Why are they taking away all of our toys?

Free-Range, Indeed
Modern Day Hermit has won a copy of the Free-Range Kids! Thank you to everyone who lent their 2 cents. I wanted to stir discussion points and all of you rose to the occasion, remaining for the most part, respectful and courteous of differing viewpoints. Oh, and as a nice weekend capper, my 22 month old daughter slipped out the gate of our backyard and wandered around our front yard. Folks, I am all for Free-Ranging, but am not necessarily ready for that.

My Garage Sale Total = $270.
Not too shabby considering there was a serious rain delay on Friday morning and the fact that absolutely nobody on my actual street had sales during what was supposed to our annual "neighborhood garage sale". When neighbors fail to participate, "walk by" traffic for me is seriously hampered since folks just drive by and must be tempted by what they can actually see from the road in the safety of their car. Otherwise, they rev their engines and zoom past, leaving my crestfallen junk in a trail of sheer rejection.

So, Arun has now learned firsthand about garage sales, as evidenced by today's post title. For weeks, he has watched me scoop up toys, price them, then place them in the garage. This weekend, he actually saw the sale in action and was a little dismayed by what he saw. To his credit, he handled it pretty well. Although, I did relent on the little push mower and he "earned" a brand-new sandbox in the shape of a turtle.

Speaking of Arun
Rozanne observed in a post I wrote a few weeks back that he seemed rather grown-up all of sudden. Her comment struck me because I have been startled myself at this.

Last week, he went to the dentist for the first time. I had spent several days preparing him for it and warning him that it might be scary, but that I would be there to hold him hand. When we arrived for the appointment and he hopped into the dentist's chair with huge, gemstone eyes brimming with skeptical curiosity, I had a sudden urge to burst into tears. Simultaneously, he appeared so big and yet so very small in that chair. And when I realized that I had my camera in my bag, I turned into That Mom. Profusely apologizing to the hygienist, I snapped a few pictures. For myself. During the rest of the appointment, Arun was a dream patient and I was so proud of how he handled his fears. He was polite, listened to hygienist and the dentist and even thanked them when he got his goodie bag of dental accouterments. He then came home and proceeded to brush his teeth 4 times throughout the course of the day. Goofy boy.

My little guy is growing up and frankly, I am enjoying it. It is one thing to love your child, but it is truly a joy to like the person your child is becoming.




A Noble Attempt at Dressing Himself


MommyWizdom said...

I've come too late for winning the book, however, you pose a very convincing argument. I shall go out and find this book to read!

I agree wholeheartedly that teaching children not to talk to strangers is stupid! I also agree with all the other stuff you said.

Congrats on the successful garage sale and the new sandbox! :-)

Thanks for a great post!


Anonymous said...

the pants. Classic.

Olivia said...

Maybe he's on the verge of starting a new fad. Remember Criss Cross and the backward overalls?

Moderndayhermit said...

Oh, great! I just read an article by the author last night in "The Week" magazine.

What great pics of Arun! Also a reminder I need to take my guy to the dentist...